Zune Is an Army of One

Vietnam Rock Dirge Can't Pull Mp3 Player Out of the Mud

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Artist: The Black Angels
Song: "Young Men Dead"
Marketer: Microsoft
Agency: 72andsunny
Purchase: The Black Angels - Passover - Young Men Dead
Microsoft's Zune mp3 player is now being positioned as a device for individuals, possibly because people on the subway holding the big brown turds tended to stand out like, well, people holding big brown turds.

Yes I know, the new ones are much sexier, and "Masks," the latest video from the Zune camp, is awesome and has a suitably blistering soundtrack. But I'm still not sure if 72andsunny's new two-minute ad/promo/whatever is going to reinforce or even make sense within this latest push. It's not meant to be a traditional 30-second spot, but Zune has a site full of similarly nontraditional videos with great music, and none of them has really built any clout for the device either.

The Black Angels' "Young Men Dead" is a shambolic, druggy rock dirge about Vietnam, which figures quite well into this gorgeously animated piece about a war between two rival clans of amorphous creatures. The track doesn't offer any of the brothers-in-arms salvation the video does, but who's to complain about such a perfectly choreographed little film.

Oh yeah ... me. As branded content goes, it's engaging but probably won't move anything but copies of The Black Angel's fantastic 2006 album "Passover." On iTunes of course.
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