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Emphasizing that Bass' brewers don't change the world (they just make good beer), effects artists insert them into historic situations via classic footage, and through their complete ineptitude prove their uselessness in other contexts. One fails to plant a foot on the moon, instead cowardly clinging to the ladder, while another hurts a finger trying to break down the Berlin Wall with a sledgehammer and a third chases his Kentucky Derby racehorse instead of riding it, as the composited characters live the tagline "Reach for Greatness" in the brewery instead.

VFX Supervisor: Tim Crean VFX: Suspect Agency: McCann Tag/N.Y. Group CD: Craig Markus CW: Mark Borcherding AD: Steve Hawley Agency Producer: Lucia Grillo Director: Bjorn Stein/Hungry Man, N.Y. Editor: Sarah Iben/Final Cut, N.Y.

California Tobacco Control Section "Growth"

To achieve the look of tobacco executives that multiply like cancer cells, effects artists composited footage of the men standing with footage of them climbing through torso rigs equipped with shirts and ties, effectively simulating the movement of the clothes while maintaining the actors' expressions.

Visual Effects Supervisor: Russell Fell CG Artist: James LeBloch VFX: Method/Santa Monica Agency: Ground Zero/Marina Del Ray CDs: Court Crandall, Arty Tan CW: Greg Lane AD: Shawn Brown Agency Producer: Monique Veillette Director: Dante Ariola/MJZ, L.A. Line Producer: Nadine Brown Editor: Katz/Cosmo Street

Nike "Evolution"

Effects artist-turned-director Neill Blomkamp stayed true to his roots for this time lapse-simulation spot featuring classic sneakers birthed from older designs that peel away like bananas and wrap back up again in newer models. Eventually and climatically, after building a cocoon, the shoe emerges as a Huarache, the latest design from Nike. While the single shoe in the center of the frame is never worn, the effect allows Nike to display the rubber and leather's suppleness and flexibility.

Lead Effects Artist: Neill Blomkamp VFX: The Embassy Visual Effects Agency: Weiden + Kennedy/Portland CDs: Hal Curtis, Mike Byrne CW: Jason Bagley AD: Brad Trost Agency Producer: Jennifer Fiske Director: Neill Blomkamp/Spy Films, Toronto

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