On a Roll: Joe Blaney

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Joe Blaney, 35, joined the National Football League's NFL Insider in 1998 to oversee its evolution from a quarterly to a year-round publication appearing seven times in 2000. A tie-in with DirecTV's "NFL Sunday Ticket" program has helped push the magazine's circulation to more than 900,000 this year, and an in-stadium promotion starts in the fall.

Title: Publisher.

Edge: Our role gives us unique access to NFL players and teams, and we are focused solely on football. We don't share the spotlight with any other sport.

Biggest surprise: The hunger out there for more pro football information, despite the proliferation of sports magazines and TV programs.

Insight: Baseball and even basketball are struggling to maintain growth, but the TV ratings and attendance of NFL games keep climbing. The European fan base is surging, too.

Fact: Our Web site [nfl.com] is the No. 3 most popular sports site overall [behind espn.com and sportsline.com].

Tip: There is still much untapped opportunity in NFL football, including reaching more kids, women and young adults.

Dirty secret: I'm a rabid college basketball fan.

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