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Patrick Milan, 42, joined Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis, in 1999, and headed the launch of Fallon Intersect, a sports and event marketing unit with clients including PBS, financial client Archipelago and Conseco. Previously, Mr. Milan worked in public relations for a variety of major marketers.

Outlook: The recent terrorist attacks have forced us to rethink the way we communicate with consumers, whose view of the world has changed. We have to re-examine messages and images we're using in events and advertising, using our guts and creativity.

Forecast: Cause marketing has not been taken very seriously in recent years. The World Trade Center attack is making cause marketing a real and powerful strategy for marketers. Expect it to play a new, bigger role in marketing.

Opinion: Events had already become the most authentic channel for reaching consumers; now, the impact of event marketing increases because people are looking for validation and reassurance that you can't get from print or TV advertising.

Fact: Event marketing and sponsorship is going global. More companies are multinational, and sponsorships are reflecting international auto racing, sports and personalities vs. concepts known only in the U.S.

Tip: Think of branding and advertising as getting the consumer's attention and permission, and event marketing as completing the circuit; actually touching the consumer.

Insight: In event marketing, we have the opportunity to learn a lot more about the consumer, which should enrich the overall brand strategy.

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