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Matt O'Toole, 38, relocated to Montreal this year as the new senior VP-sales and marketing for the Hockey Co., after several years with Tommy Armour Golf Co. and Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Overseeing top brands including CCM, Jafa and Koho, the Hockey Co. is redoubling its efforts against Nike and other upstarts in the fast-growing hockey equipment market.

Game plan: Target young hockey players between 10 and 13, inspiring passion for hockey's classic brands. Use the Internet, on-site marketing, games, contests and creativity to connect hockey's drama with our brands.

Coup: Becoming the exclusive provider of jerseys to the National Hockey League. Each of our brands will play a key role at all games for the upcoming season.

Edge: Crazy publicity generated by our TV campaign depicting sperms playing hockey. We're going to break new sperm ads this fall [via Marketal, Montreal].

Fact: Forty percent of new participants in hockey are girls. New leagues are developing nationwide, with hot growth in places like Phoenix and Nashville.

Mission: Crush Nike. We have 33% market share to their 27%, but we're totally dedicated to hockey and plan to reclaim CCM's dominance as a 100-year-old brand.

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