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Fred Sawabini, 48, was recently named president of sales and marketing for Channel One Network, after eight years with the Los Angeles-based company. Pepsi-Cola Co., Procter & Gamble Co. and Quaker Oats Co.'s Gatorade are among core advertisers on Channel One's 12-minute news program, which it says reaches nearly 40% of the nation's teens -- 8.1 million -- via daily broadcasts in 12,000 schools.

Opinion: Since Channel One launched in 1991, controversy about marketing to kids in schools has abated, but it's not gone. Meanwhile, our relevance as a news vehicle for teens grows as network TV viewership declines.

Insight: The definition of what was called "non-traditional media" in the early 1990s is changing. Effectiveness and reach are all that count, and advertisers want research proving it.

Facts: Teen-agers are spending less time watching TV at home as they move to PCs, music and videogames. Single-parent and dual-earner households are giving teens more responsibility and buying power.

Trend: Major brand marketers that never thought of teens before are realizing their importance for future sales. Kodak and Polaroid recently became Channel One advertisers. Auto marketers are also preparing to target teens.

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