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Major League Baseball "Sosa"

Eclectically paced cuts, multilayer composites and color work propel the viewer into the mind and history of MLB player Sammy Sosa. A distinctive, emotional turn from the typical highlight-laden promo.

Editor: Jonathan Smalheiser/ChicKonKey Agency: McCann-Erickson/N.Y. CCO: Irwin Warren GCD: Bill Shea Sr. CW: Sandy Stein AD: Saadi Alkouatli Agency Producer: Mary McInerney Director: Peter Gilbert/Nonfiction Spots Composers: Music: Michael Floyd, Matt Haick/To the Beat Sound Design: ChicKonKey

Tesco "Beach"

An apparently run-of-the-mill discount department store ad gets clever when the models step out of place to tear off red starburst price tags that pop onto the screen and reveal the discount prices of their clothing, thanks to well-executed composites. The desaturated look achieved in telecine also helps to accentuate the intrusiveness of the garish labels.

Effects: Phil Crowe, Edwin So/The Mill Editor: Alistair Jordan/Johnny Bongo Agency: Lowe/London CW: Gethin Stout AD: Simon Butler Agency Producer: Thea Slevin Director: Jim Jenkins/Hungry Man

Fox Sports Net NHL "Storm"

The artists at Gunslinger Digital stepped in to summon the breathtaking storm that overtakes a hockey stadium when the Mighty Ducks and the Avalanche wage war on the ice, in this Fox in-house production. More than a dozen effects-intensive shots combined matte painting, CG snow and explosions, as well as extensive compositing of practical elements, to create the fury.

Effects: Robert Dahlin, Jay Odom/Gunslinger Digital In-House SVP-On Air Promotions: Scott Bantle Executive Director: Chris Hannan Producers: Kevin Marr, Marsha Hunt Director: Mark Denyer-Simmons/Fox Sports Net Editor: Noel Oliver/Chris Bell/The Post Group Music: Mick Dunning/Post Group

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