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Like watching a pop-up book unfold in a modern office, Passion Pictures creates a world in which technology updates itself. As a man walks into his office building, everything he passes, from the buildings in the distance to his very own desk, modernizes and becomes more ergonomic as HP promotes its adaptive computer solutions.

3-D Animation: Passion Pictures 3-D VFX Supervisor: Fabrice Delapierre 3-D Artists: Bruno Hajnal, Julien Leveugle, Antoine Moulineau, Christobal de Oliveira, Oliver Pinol Postproduction: Rushes Lead Flame Artist: Duncan Malcolm Spirit: Martin Southworth Flame Artists: Matt Jackson, Omar Akkari, Dave Bannister, Claire Pollock, Derek Moore, Paul Wratten Production Company: Passion Pictures Titles: Motion Theory/Venice Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners/San Francisco CDs: Rich Silverstein, John Norman CW: Tyler Hampton AD: Paul Foulkes Agency Producer: Hilary Bradley Director: Tim Hope Editor: Tony Kearns/Quarry Music: Agoraphone/N.Y.

Propel "Movement"

The Mill's 2-D and CG teams collaborated to show 3-D bubbles dropping live-action athletes into their specialized sports in this spot for Gatorade's flavored water. Augmenting footage to make the athletes bounce upon hitting the ground, the team animated additional 3-D droplets to represent splash and fly outward. Especially challenging was a shot in which a surfer hits the waves, as water bounces on water.

Telecine Artist: Fergus McCall Flame Artists: Ant Walsham, Alex Thomas, James Corden Lead Animator: Yann Mabille Animators: Rob Kolbeins, Dan Adams Visual Effects: The Mill/London Agency: Element 79 Partners/Chicago CCO: Dennis Ryan Director: Medhi Norwozian/RSA USA, L.A. Editors: Adam Jenkins, Antony Walsham Editorial Companies: Final Cut Editorial, The Mill/London Composer/Sound Effects: Ross Gregory Music Production: Aardvark Sound Limited

Nabisco "Chunky Monkey"

The dancing cookies and monkeys from London-based Loose Moose combine CGI and stop-frame puppetry in this latest spot for Nabisco's Chips Ahoy! brand. Filming the puppets in front of a green screen and creating CGI elements off-site in Maya, the moving camera shots also required a motion control rig to standardize the two passes of animation and create convincing and emotive 3-D characters.

CGI Animators: Dotti Colvin, John Shearlock Animation Director: Ange Palethorpe Production Company: Loose Moose Compositor: Bruce Hancock/Edgeworx UK Agency: FCB/N.Y. AD: Howie Ronay CW: Gerald Cuesta Producer: Paddy Giordano Director: Ken Lidsterd

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