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Lynx "Ever Ready"

BBH's latest femme fest for Lynx ups the ante (and the panty) on pulchritudinous parading (see p. 22). The track, "I See Girls," is funky, fine and could hardly be more to the point.

Track "I See Girls" Composers: Charlie Morgan, Seb Van Dam, Daniel Anderson Publisher: Leap Music Agency: BBH/London CD: Rosie Arnold CW: Tony McTear AD: Mark Hunter Agency Producers: Emma Fewtrell, Susan Vale Director: Traktor/James Pilkington/Partizan Editor: James Rosen/Moving Picture Company

New Balance "N is For Basketball"

A basketball spot without an emphasis on beats, you say? Heck, yes. The lilting piano track here is like a cool breeze up the shorts and provides the perfect complement to the anti-bling message and unchoreographed basketball antics in the spot.

Music: Original Track Composer: Human Agency: Euro RSCG MVBMS AD: Drummond Berman CW: Simon Nixon Agency Producer: Andrew Linsk Director: Melodie McDaniel/Directors Bureau Editor: Marc Langley

Yahoo "Apartment"

It couldn't have been for lack of musical finesse that Yahoo chose to drop Black Rocket as its agency partner. Creatives tried the original Manilow rendition of this "classic" track with this spot and it didn't fly. The cover version freshens things up while delivering the core message of search engine as best friend.

Track: "I Can't Smile Without You" Composer: Barry Manilow Music: Agoraphone Artist: Shawn Beal Sound Design: Ripe Sound Agency: Black Rocket CD/CW/AD: Steve Stone Agency Producer: Hannah Murray Director: David Frankham/Smuggler Editor: Bob Frisk/Phoenix Editorial Effects: Phoenix Editorial

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