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Saturn "Door Music"

This ode to the dent-resistant door takes a cue from Stomp, as a variety of airborne projectiles (including one certainly hurting cyclist), slam into the side panels of various Saturn vehicles, banging out a percussive beat accented by suction cups, hose water, a toy airplane and a shopping cart. Other sounds mixed in to a danceable beat: a blind man's cane, a vexed man's head, a baby doll and pigeon poo.

Music: Abelone Music Composer: Dave Baker Sound Designer: Sam Spegal/Squeak E. Clean Productions Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners CD/CW: Jamie Barrett ACD/AD: Dave Laden Director: Mark Romanek/Anonymous Content Editor: Robert Duffy/Spot Welders

Carling "The Big Match"

This giddy rock 'n' roll romp sets the tone for a city-wide soccer match with an infectious bass line and just barely-on-pitch vocal, via the's cover of the Rock-A-Teens' "Woo-Hoo"-brought to the pop-culture forefront on the Kill Bill Vol. 1 soundtrack. The track backed the bloody restaurant samurai swordfest, and it works just as well for soccer hooligans.

Musical Artist: the's Song: "Woo Hoo" Agency: Leith/London CW: Pete Cain AD: Lou Bouge Director: Kevin Thomas Production Companies: The Mill/London, Thomas Thomas Films Editor: Bryan Dyke

Audi "Progressions"

As the images of circles build upon each other in split screens, so the music builds in this ode to original thinking, progress and David Bowie. Starting with piano and building to cello and then guitar, the track bursts into an all-out rock remix of two classic Bowie songs, the fitting "Rebel Rebel" and "Never Gonna Get Old," eventually morphing into electronic territory.

Music House: Endless Noise. Musical Artist: David Bowie Songs: "Rebel Rebel," "Never Gonna Get Old" Music Producer: Jeff Elmassian Agency: McKinney + Silver ECD: David Baldwin CW: Jonathan Cude AD: David Cook Director: Lance Acord/Park Pictures Editor: Noah Herzog/Spine

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