Jim McPhilliamy

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Jim McPhilliamy, 34, launched MegaVision Marketing, New York, earlier this year in association with Group III Promotions, Chicago, to fill a void he says exists in strategic planning for sponsorships and promotions. Previously, he was a VP at Bronnercom's New York office specializing in events and also worked at Championship Marketing, Atlanta.

Goal: Linking brand strategy with sales results through sponsorship. These elements are disconnected at many companies.

Challenge: Getting companies to think beyond the tried-and-true. Sponsorship has become a well-traveled area, and you have to use a lot more creativity now to get noticed.

Tip: Don't use sponsorships to be all things to all people. Use sponsorships to help develop an image around a lifestyle or an attitude, not an event.

Opinion: Events combining sports, music and lifestyle like the Gravity Games and the X Games are becoming models for reaching niche audiences.

Warning: Don't evaluate sponsorships entirely by measurable results. If you try to make every sponsorship show a return on investment, you may be sacrificing your best brand-building opportunities. Take a holistic approach.

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