Jim Rappel

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Jim Rappel, 39, joined Wunderman Cato Johnson, Chicago, in 1986 as an account exec. He was named an account director at the sales promotion arm of Young & Rubicam in 1997 and now oversees Wunderman's event marketing discipline, which accounts for 25% of its revenue.

Insight: The new movement in sponsorship is taking a sales-driven approach that will get more measurable, bottom line results. Most companies can no longer afford to merely get brand exposure from sponsorships.

Opinion: Local sponsorships remain largely unexploited. Most marketers get into sponsorships with the idea of having a big national presence, but the high cost of activating national sponsorships often blunts the effort.

Tip: Get behind a music sponsorship allowing you to market on the local level, customizing the event to unique audiences, which can vary surprisingly from region to region. Take your sponsorship to the retail level. Find partners who can take you into new channels.

Trend: National sweepstakes promotions are declining; instant-win and in-store sweepstakes are taking their place. Auto racing is finding its way into the supermarket. Promotions that generate leads are going to be hot in 2000.

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