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It's been just over a month since Joel Simon, founder of commercial music company JSM Music, and Danny Goldberg, chairman and CEO of independent label Artemis Records, announced the formation of a joint venture and already they have completed projects that Simon hopes will lead the way in altering the relationships between advertising agencies and the music industry. At its most basic level (since the announcement, other variations of the business model have been developed but not implemented), the venture, called Artemis JSM, integrates a commercial plan into artist development and promotion, spurred by singers and bands that have earned visibility in advertising, and conversely, allows for the distribution and marketing of material produced by Artemis JSM on the radio and in record stores.

According to Simon, the partnership is something that's been a long time coming. "What has not been in place is a mechanism that understands all of the disciplines involved in the music industry," he says, comparing the venture to a form of matchmaking between industries. "There's the advertising industry, with its brand equity, its budgets and accommodation to clients; there's the record world side, whether it's negotiation of a master, publishing, licensing and artists. What we're doing is facilitating a way for everyone to work together to combine strengths." Goldberg, whose label is home to artists Sugarcult, the Pretenders and the late Warren Zevon, says that because of dramatic changes in the recording industry in the last ten years, the venture will help redefine the roles of record labels.

From a creative angle, this means that music in ads can extend beyond the medium to the benefit of brand and artist. The first project to fully demonstrate the scope of the venture stems from work that JSM Music did for Chevrolet's American Revolution campaign via Campbell Ewald, a cover of Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride" by Artemis artist Jeffrey Gaines. In addition to laying down a track for the ads, Gaines will also extend that exposure into the record world, as JSM Artemis will also record and release the full- length song as a single. "It's a win across the board," Simon says.

The strategy of Artemis JSM will be guided by Simon and Goldberg, assisted by attorney David Fritz, who has developed the successful compilation series "Mob Hits" as well as other compilations for McDonald's. He will be integral in presenting artists for advertising opportunities, including pop duo Evan & Jaron and Latin singer Pilar Montenegro. Media entrepreneur Lou Mazzucchelli will direct daily operations as managing director.

According to Simon, the announcement has generated an overwhelming response from both agencies and labels. "I think within a year, this will be the new model for the record industry," he says."

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