April 2008 - Top Spots

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Sony Ericsson "Enjoy The Silence"

Here, Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm and director Tomas Jonsgarden give us a stylized peek at a number of people singing along to Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence." We're not sure how it works in Sweden, but here in New York, the singing guy on the bus, the lady in the bar or the guy on the subway rarely pull off the out-loud croon with such understated skill and seeming mental stability. Last time we saw anything close to this was a guy on the 6 train belting out Air Supply's "All Out of Love" in the key of Rabid Screeching Cat. VW "Dog"

This little Jack Russell does his best to keep the Spencer Davis Group's "I'm a Man" bottled up in public, to varying degrees of success. DDB, London and director Noam Murro apply what seems to be the increasing trend of musical non-humans in spots to the fun associated with driving a VW. The dog's mouth looks pretty damn real and the pooch's attempts to keep its enthusiasm muffled outside the cozy confines of his VW Polo are essential touches that make the spot more than just another singing animal spot. Plus, let's be honest, it's a great tune. Nomis "Damn Boots"

Johannes Leonardo and director Woof Wan-Bau show that celebrity and hype don't matter if the basics aren't right. Here, the basics are the right football boots. The music following this footballer's journey was composed by Amber's Will Bates and performed by Philip Mossman, who has worked with Primal Scream and LCD Soundsystem. It's a catchy ditty with a valuable lesson—marketing flash can't make you a better athlete, but well-designed equipment can. VISION:

Cheetos "Plane"

Chester the Cheetah is a brand icon, of sorts. He's not quite up there in Tony the Tiger or Ronald McDonald territory, but certainly in the same league as, say, Tucan Sam or Count Chocula, and definitely beats out Jared. Anyway, this approach by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and director Mike Maguire introduces us to a new Chester. A darker Chester. A shorter, British-accented Chester who's gone from "wacky" to subdued cool. Would Ronald give mid-flight advice while testing massage techniques on a (clearly enraptured) stewardess? Kudos to Stan Winston Studios for bringing this new Chester to life. Sprite "Fashion Show"

Truthfully, this spot from Ogilvy & Mather, Buenos Aires and directors Nicolas Kasakoff and Daniel Cuparon could be a PSA aimed at binge drinking coeds or anyone who holds a standing reservation with midweek Jager bombs. We see a catwalk that looks straight out of any MTV Spring Break fratfest, but the woman on the runway transforms as she walks closer to the camera... and not in a good way. She goes from looking like a girl-next-door bikini model to that longshoreman-from-down-the-hall in a two-piece. It's an optical illusion that's plagued many a late night eyeball. The solution? According to this spot, switch out the Singapore Slings for Sprite and you'll see just fine. Pot Noodle "Tipping Pot"

Here, Pot Noodle gives a nod to Guinness' $20 million Domino-inspired spot "Tipping Point," which transformed an Argentina village into a giant chain reaction of falling objects. Instead of South America, though, the soup maker and AKQA set their experiment in an eclectic London neighborhood. Instead of old cars and bails of hay, we're treated to an equally magical journey where smokes, cellphones, a wheelchair, a stroller, old refrigerators, a guy peeing in an elevator, a blow-up doll and plenty of other junk, team up to make a nice, hot cup of cheap noodles.

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