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Adidas "Carry"

Like an upside down "Mountain," this spot starts with basketball player Kevin Garnett, who collects quite a load on his shoulders as people on the street climb aboard to strains of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." Effects artists Alex Frisch and Cedric Nicholas, however, designed a lower-tech way to shoot the spot, ultimately capturing everything in-camera without CG. While the first few people are supported by rigs and therefore weightless to Garnett, subsequent shots are accomplished through rig-supported prosthetics that sometimes held dummies and moved on their own. Kevin's motions were also tracked by 3-D markers so that movement would look realistic.

Visual Effects Artist: Alex Frisch Visual Effects: Method, Santa Monica Agency: 180/TBWA, San Francisco Worldwide Creative Director: Lee Clow ECD: Chuck McBride CD/CW: Scott Duchon CD/AD: Geoff Edwards Director: Noam Murro/Biscuit Filmworks DP: Barry Peterson Editor: Avi Oron/Bikini Editorial

AARP "Volunteering"

Anyone who's ever wanted a clone will love this spot, where crafty compositing allows AARP member and volunteer Ping to help himself and others in amusing ways, including serving food, building a house, teaching driving safety and assisting with taxes. But the best scenes are those that highlight others' reactions, such as a woman who asks two Pings "Are you brothers?" He answers with a smile, "No. Clones." Another is when he surprises his wife by waking her with a flower-while another Ping is still in her bed.

Lead Flame: Lorraine McLaughlin VFX Supervisor/ Flame Assist: Paul Marangos Flame Assist: Jeannette Williford Colorist: Fergus McCall Visual Effects: The Mill/N.Y. Agency: GSD&M/Austin Group CDs: Scott MacGregor, Derek Pletch CW: Derek Pletch AD: Scott MacGregor Director: Bryan Buckley/Hungry Man DP: Scott Hendrickson Editor: Sam Selis/charlieuniformtango

Nike "Tennis Instructor"

Weather problems and lighting changes made turning teenage girls into multiple Serenas a bit more of a challenge for effects artists at Sea Level, who faced difficulty matching composites of the tennis player from different points in the shoot. However, the payoff shot of Williams fidgeting like a smitten girl shows no such evidence. The contrasts, whether between Serena's grunts and the peaceful track behind them, or of shy girls and aggressive champion, are made more resonant through effects.

Visual Effects Artist: Ben Gibbs Visual Effects: Sea Level/Venice Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/Portland CDs: Hal Curtis, Mike Byrne CW: Alberto Ponte AD: Bill Karow Director: Chris Palmer/Gorgeous Films DP: Ben Seresin Editor: Haines Hall/Spot Welders

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