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McCains "A Year to Remember"

In a three-and-a-half minute spot dedicated to mark the strange occasion of the 25th anniversary of McCains oven chips, TBWA creatives send us back in time to the dawn of the baked chip era, with a news segment commemorating the year and making spookily accurate predictions for the future. To create a newscast set in 1979, effects artists at The Mill used smoothing techniques to reverse the age of 64-year-old British television personality Valerie Singleton, erasing her wrinkles and whitening her eyes and teeth for every shot. Then, they aged the appearance of the 35mm film by playing out to one-inch twice and converting back to digi. To make the footage even more realistic, artists added dirt particles and analog dropout.

VFX Supervisor/Lead Flame: Paul Marangos Flame Assist: James Cordon Telecine Artist: Paul Harrison VFX Company: The Mill Agency: TBWA Creatives: Trevor Beattie & Bill Bungay Director: Duncan Jones/Frank Films Editor: Barrett/Johnny Bongo

Nike "Chamber of Fear"

LeBron James becomes an anime hero as he faces each of his fears-hype, temptation, haters, complacency and self-doubt-in visually symbolic vignettes. Hype manifests itself as a wizard using light effects like camera flashbulbs; temptation is animated Japanese sirens and money swirling around them; haters are nunchuck-toting, afro-clad naysayers; complacency is vaporous spirits breathed from an animated dragon's mouth and self-doubt is a hulking animated opponent. The combination of cel animation segments with live action is seamless and propels the narrative while visually representing the psyche of a teenage sports phenom.

Cell Animation: Studio 4c VFX: CreoCollective, Santa Monica Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland CD/CW: Jimmy Smith CD/AD: John Jay AD: Jayanta Jenkins Director: Dave Meyers Production Company:, Santa Monica Editor: Chris Davis/Outpost Digital, Santa Monica Music: The RZA Sound Design: Eddie Kim/740 Sound Design, Santa Monica

Office Max "Santa's Helper"

Office Max turns the Rubberband Man into a Christmas classic, animated in the style of TV specials such as "Rudolf the Red-Nose Reindeer." The Abominable Snowman even has a cameo, in a scene that includes a choir accompanying the Spinners' song. The Rubberband Man travels through a snowy town distributing helpful (and sometimes hilariously cruel) accoutrements. He gives a step-ladder to a short mistletoe wannabe, a trash bin to a fruitcake recipient and a camera to a child whose friend's tongue is stuck to a lamppost. To emulate the office helper's trademark moves, animators had the actor, Eddie Steeples dance around a simulated set, and then replicated the moves in stop-motion, all in the name of holiday cheer.

Director: Chel White VFX/Production Company: Bent Image Lab/Portland Flame: Mike Quinn/Mission Control Colorist: Jim Barrett/Downstream Digital Agency: DDB/Chicago CCO: Bob Scarpelli GCD: Don Pogany CD: Vinny Warren ACDs: Tim Nichols, Brian Billow, Bruce Ritter ADs: Brian Billow, Bruce Ritter, D.J. Webb, Paul Harrod CWs: Vinny Warren, Tim Nichols, Keith Tutera DP: Mirk Eifert Editor: Steven Miller/Bent Image Lab Music Company: Spank! Song: "The Rubberband Man" Artist: The Spinners Composer/Arranger: Mat Morse

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