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Penn. Department of Health "Surprise"

Spontaneous director Lawrence Nimrichter's animated spots for a hotline offering help to women with unplanned pregnancies were approved at almost every stage but shelved after the completed final versions were screened by clients at the Pennsylvania Department of Health. This spot uses 3-D storks as symbols for unplanned pregnancies, and a squadron of the birds drop bundles on houses. For Nimrichter, who at 26 has been with Spontaneous for four years and now serves as head of CG and animation, this spot was particularly close to his creative heart. "Usually, spots of that magnitude are pretty well designed before they come to us, and the agency has approved boards," he says. "For this campaign, we were given a paragraph or two treatment, and it was special for me because it was a chance to design the shots from scratch."

Director: Lawrence Nimrichter/Spontaneous CD: Juan Delc n Senior Animator: Michael Donovan Animator: Wei Louie Animator: Walter Lubinski Animator: Gonzalo Escudero Animator: Sung Kim Director of Visual Effects: David Elkins Producer: Zu Al-Kadiri Matte Painter: Renee Morel Advertising Agency: Neiman Group ECD: Rudy Banny GCD: Buffy McCoy Kelly CW: Rich Hilbert AD: James Madsen Music Company: Big Science/N.Y.

Coinstar "Shoe"

Stop-motion wonder PES is at it again, this time for Coinstar, whose machines let customers cash in on spare change for a small commission. Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters emerge from every possible household hiding space-under couch cushions (weighed down by fuzz, natch), from inside various containers, the top of counters, and even from the inside of the washing machine. As the herd of coinage grows bigger, it climbs the legs of the coffee table and the individual coins stack to make a decorative pump. Each penny's movement is tracked by PES' camera, and though the payoff-"What could your change be?"-is well worth the wait, the journey is just as entertaining.

Animators: Peter Sluszka, Ivan Able Director: PES/Czar.US, N.Y. Agency: Publicis/Seattle ECD: Bob Moore GCDs: Rob Rich, Gethin Stout CW: Jacob Baas AD: Scott Fero Agency Producer: Adam Oliver DP: Stacy Toyama Production Company AD: James Hazel Editor: Sam Welch/Homestead Editorial

Playstation 2 (U.K.) "Golfers"

Framestore effects artists turned 50 extras into 4000 in these British spots that spoof Discovery Channel nature specials on the Serengeti. But in this wilderness, it's the golfers vs. the porn stars, as the latter attack a herd crossing a water hazard. Shot on a game reserve outside of Johannesburg, VFX artists were on hand to assure a varied crowd, and then duplicated people in the studio afterward. This project marked the first time that the commercials team used Houdini software, according to head of 3-D Andy Boyd.

VFX Supervisor: William Bartlett Inferno Artists: Jonathan Hairman, Chris Redding CG Animators: Andy Boyd, David Mellor Matte Artists: Nicha Kumkeaw, Tony Peck, Daria Ashley Post Producer: Scott Griffin Colorists: Steffan Perry, Matt Turner Agency: TBWA/London Agency Producer: Diane Croll Production Company: Large Director: Daniel Kleinman Producer: Johnnie Frankel

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