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Chex, "Early People"

Stop-motion animation, digital cloning and compositing, and a whole lot of cereal go into building an entire tribe of Chexmen.

Animation/Effects: Moo Studios Effects: Method Agency: Campell Mithun Esty CD/CW: Harry Gonnella CW/AD: Hank Champion Director: Shaun Sewter, Anthony Farquar-Smith/Moo Studios Colorist: Clark Muller/Riot Music/Sound: Hum Music & Sound Design

Starbucks, "Suit"; "Stick"

A suit springs to life and antagonizes its owner to get off his lazy tush, and a woman becomes human flypaper via a combination of CGI, live-action rigging, greenscreen and multiple-layered composites.

Effects: Sight Effects Agency: Fallon/New York AD: Eric Casper CW: Scott Cooney Agency Producer: Jenny Gadd Director: Rocky Morton/MJZ Colorist: Company 3 Editor: Gordon Carey/Filmcore Music: Stimmung

Fox Sports, "College Football"

The Inferno helps to turn intentionally amateurish "art student" tinfoil creations into an innovative promo spot set in a startling shadowbox world.

Effects: A52 Agency: In-house CDs: Scott Bantle, Chris Donovan AD: Miriam Seger Director: Scott Bantle/Fox Sports Editor: Patrick Murphy/A52 Music: Nortek Collective

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