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Ford Fiesta "Pinball"

Honda "Cog" director Antoin Bardou Jacquet strikes again, for Ford, with the effects wizards at The Mill putting a car into the fast, flashy and perilous world of a pinball game. Careening into bumpers, racking up points and dodging the dreaded multiball bonus, the car lives up to its name while doing donuts to a reggae beat.

VFX: The Mill Senior Flame Artist: Barnsley 3-D: Andrew Proctor, Tom Bussell, Russell Tickner Producer: Fi Kilroe Editor: Bill Smedley/The Quarry Agency: O&M/London ECD: James Sinclair AP: Katy Cappi

Director: Antoin Bardou Jacquet/Partizan Midi Minuit

AT&T "Rain"

In this Method Studios job, a city is frozen in its tracks until an AT&T network sets it back into motion, raining down blue CG ones and zeros that splash on the scenes and bring them to life. For shots before the shower, in which the camera moves around still figures suspended in action, the team shunned tricky Matrix-style camera rigs in favor of more "natural" high-speed filming techniques.

VFX: Method Studios Director: Alex Frisch VFX Sup.: Chris Staves VFX Artists: Cendric Nicolas, Alex K., Joanna Cruz 3-D Designer: Laurent Ledru 3-D Artists: Gil Baron, David Sudd, James LeBloch, Hatem Ben Abdullah VFX Shoot Sup.: Gil Baron, Michael Gibson VFX EP: Neysa Horsburgh VFX Prod.: Paul Hahn Agency: Y&R/N. Y. ECD: Ann Hayden CD: James Othmer AD: Kleber Menezes AP: Eric Soloway CW: Corey Rakowski Director: Erick Ifergan/Believe Media

GE "Water Music"

A string quartet of viscous musicians play to a packed house, harmonizing beautifully until the viola goes painfully out of tune in this CG-driven spot. With effects by Digital Domain, the aquatic beings have facial features expressive enough to register annoyance at the disturbance, perplexity at the nature of the gunk in their fellow player and serenity as the impurity is removed and the concert resumes.

VFX: Digital Domain EP: Gabby Gourrier VFX Prod.: Stephanie Gilagar VFX Sup.: Brad Parker CG Sup.: Richard Morton Compositors: Patrick Ferguson, Sean Devereaux, Rafael Colon Agency: BBDO/N.Y. CCO: Ted Sann ECD: Don Schneider Senior CD/AD: Ted Shaine Senior CD/CW: Tom Darbyshire AP: Rachel Seitel Director: Joe Pytka/Pytka Music: DHMA

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