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Aquafina "Drink Up"

Water gets its own Oktoberfest with a bouncing musical production number from the musical The Student Prince, originally written and recorded in 1952 by Mario Lanza. Opening softly with a single accordion note and exploding into a bar-room chorus, the joyous cast members are backed by Lanza's tenor and a full orchestra. While we watch rugby players, a serving wench, and Traktor's own gorilla drink up, the song further expands in a beer garden (or is that Wasser tent?) to show full-scale that water "makes your body happy."

Song: "Drink Drink Drink" Musical Artist: Mario Lanza Executive Music Producer: Loren Parkins Sound Designer: Francois Blaignon Agency: BBDO/N.Y. ECD: Bill Bruce CW/ADs: Bill Bruce, Doris Cassar Director: Traktor/Partizan DP: Joaquin Baca-Asay Editor: John Murray/Nomad Editing Company

Levi's "Walk"

Willie Nelson's clear country voice and a sad piano follow a man as he walks through the streets in his underwear to bring apology flowers to a girlfriend. "Maybe I didn't love you," say the lyrics, until the woman lets the naked protagonist into her apartment, and we realize that the love song was not for a lost love. Well, not that kind, at least. The lyrics "you were always on my mind" were for a beloved pair of jeans, stuck in the tree when she threw them out the window, and as the storyline resolves itself, the song's focus shifts again, to the dissed girlfriend.

Song: "Always on My Mind" Musical Artist: Willie Nelson Music House: Production Advisors/N.Y. Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty/N.Y. GCD: Thomas Hayo CW: Peter Kain AD: Gianfranco Arena Director: Dante Ariola/MJZ Editor: Rick Russell/Final Cut Editorial

Volkswagen "Picture"

This spot's folky soundtrack sets a mellow yet momentous mood and complements the dusky cinematography well, but we're left waiting for a reason to be so anticipatingly glum. We watch a couple drive their VW through the bumpy, winding woods for a single canyon picture while the singer's voice matches the melody of his acoustic guitar. As we see the couple bring the photo back to an elderly woman leaving in a tour bus, the tune resolves and quiet happiness is justified, supporting its acoustic setup. It's country enough for its setting, and sensitive enough for its subject, making the spot touching without being sappy.

Song: "Ariel Ramirez" Musical Artist: Richard Buckner Agency: Arnold Worldwide CDs: Alan Pafenbach, Dave Weist CW: Susan Ebling Corbo AD: Kevin Dailor Director: Malcolm Venville/Anonymous Content DP: Joaquin Baca-Asay VFX: Brickyard VFX

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