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Absolut "Phil Frost"

There is no better track to back an art-inspired campaign than some quirky beat boxing, courtesy of self-proclaimed "multivocalist" Killa Kela. The Brit easily manages the traditional percussive sounds while simultaneously singing a bass line and whispering record-scratch accents as the viewer sees a sped-up picture of artist Phil Frost painting a giant Absolut bottle. But when we hear gutteral accent noises that can make you fear for the safety of Killa Kela's throat along with one that sounds a lot like a squirrel's chatter, it becomes more amazing that the U.K.'s most famous beat boxer is recording live and just strutting his vocal prowess. The overall tone is one of seriously fun artistry created by skill, talent and a dash each of street cred and whimsy.

Music: Killa Kela Audio Post Production: HSR/N.Y. Mix Engineer: Fernando Ascani Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, N.Y. Worldwide Creative Director: John Hunt ECD: Patrick O'Neill CW: Gail Barlow AD: Lauren Harwell Director: David Ellis/Go Film, N.Y. Editor: Alex Lebedev/Origami Editorial, N.Y.

Mini "Top Down for Life"

It's a common technique in music composition to allow the layering of instruments to mirror the evolution on the screen, but this Mini convertible spot's ethereal layering, accompanied by home-video like footage, is especially moving. Beginning with a keyboard when the spot's human protagonist is a baby, the music morphs into strings and then adds unassuming but emphatic drums when the true protagonist, the car, appears. Following the man into his elderly years, we hear a tiny flute over his open casket, while the spot fades out to a heartbeat's rhythm with the convertible's tag, "Open for life."

Composers: Andrew Feltenstein, John Nau Music Company: Beacon Street Studios Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky/Miami ECD: Alex Bogusky CD: Andrew Keller CW: Dave Schiff AD: Alex Burnard Director: Gerard De Thame/HSI Productions Editor: Paul Kelley/89 Editorial

French Connection "Denim Range"

It's completely fitting that this spot's music is performed by an artist called Kid Koala-its hip hum is reminiscent of the Aboriginal didgeridoo, a sound that we hear while watching models in FCUK denim pose throughout the desert. Along with a head-bobbing beat, the track is one that not only matches the action on screen, it also creates a background for a voice-over that debates the principles of advertising itself. Ultimately, the spot has no logo or tag, but infused with organ tones and record scratches, the music helps demonstrate that this isn't a typical ad. Of course, one of the most notable elements of the track is the silence that accompanies a black screen where the logo should be, before launching back into that monotone baritone.

Song: "Fender Bender" Musical Artist: Kid Koala Agency: TBWA/London CW/ADs: Trevor Beattie, Bil Bungay Directors: Trevor Beattie, Bil Bungay/RSA, U.K. Photographer: Blaise Reutersward

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