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Xenadrine "Out of the closet"

This song incorporates the bow-chicka feeling of what's commonly called "porn music" without venturing into stereotype or parody by including a screaming rocker, which ultimately is way more sexy. The guitar's riffs venture into metal territory but keep the steamy strains only partially concealed as we watch a man and woman go at it in a closet and hear the funk-influenced track. The noisy music is jarring when visuals suddenly cut to silence and we see the woman's co-workers standing outside, but amps up again afterthe punchline (one worker whispers, "she couldn't even fit in that closet three months ago") and we see graphics with the tag: "Get an X-rated body."

Song: "Burning Skull" Musical Artist: Schwab Sound Designer: Bill Chesley Music/Sound Design: Amber Music Music Producer: Kate Gibson Audio Post Production: Buzz - New York Mixer: Mike Marinelli Music Supervisor: Patrick Oliver Music Executive Producer: Michelle Curran Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers/N.Y. CD/CW: Guy Barnett CD/AD: Callum Macgregor Director: Anders Hallberg/Believe Media Editor: Sabrina Huffman/Crew Cuts

Toyota "California Dreaming"

Scottish singer Angela McCluskey, whose quirky, expressive voice charmed us in American Express' "Beautiful Things," backs the story of a girl moving from Texas to L.A. in her Toyota. The lyrics to this girl-power anthem match scenes that show her geographical and emotional trip, saying "I will miss you" after she says goodbye to her friends and "Gonna get on that road/Catch up with life" when she makes it to the big city. Starting with a sad softness, the chords get louder and McClusky's singing becomes more defiant, as the protagonist becomes more confident. Written especially for this spot by McCluskey along with music company Asche & Spencer, the tune is treated to a remix by former Dust Brothers collaborator Art Hodge via Ten Music.

Musical Artist: Angela McCluskey Music Companies: Asche & Spencer, Ten Music Music Producer: Amanda Miller Remixer: Ten Music Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi/L.A. CCO: Steve Rabosky ECD: Harvey Marco ACD/CW: Max Godsil ACD/AD: Greg Braun Director: Rocky Morton/MJZ, L.A. Editor: Lucas Eskin/Mad River Post

Dunkin Donuts "Doormen"

The track for this spot is reminiscent of the idyllic strains heard in the peacful, perfect suburbia of 1950s sitcoms, though the visuals depict doormen having a less than perfect day. While getting stiffed on tips, stuck in the rain and attacked by a dog, the harmonic orchestral strains accent the valets' suffering as they jar with the natural sounds of their world, including whistles, growls, honking horns and thunder. After the requisite product tasting-a Dunkin Donuts latte-the moods match, bringing resolution and harmony, and changing their umbrellas into perfect bunches of balloons in blue skies.

Music: Stimmung Agency: Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos/Boston CD: Tim Foley ACD: Neal Hughlett CW: Scott Noble AD: Bob Pirrmann Director: Lenard Dorfman/MJZ, N.Y. Editor: Andre Betz/Bug Editorial

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