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Ford "Mustang Anthem"

Ford cements its Mustang's status as an American icon with this spot, in which the car sings the national anthem, using various pitches of engine noises. To achieve the sound, Ray Ferreira of Chicago-based Genuine Music placed microphones around the car and revved the engine to record each note of "The Star Spangled Banner." Using different locations-inside the hood, outside of the hood, by the tail pipe and from distances of five and 12 feet-the crew recorded 30-second clips of each note, then assembled them into the right tune and meter. Ferreira also had a professional driver emulate the movements that the car makes on the screen in the spot, so that the different sounds could be layered and matched. With different sounds from different locations, the sound was able to change with the editing of the spot, making the overall effect one that could be translated to a surround-sound theater.

Composer: Ray Ferreira Sound Design: Genuine Music/Chicago Audio Post Production: LIME Studios Mixer: Loren Silber Agency: J. Walter Thompson/Detroit CDs: Carl Warner, Ed Cole ECD: Tom Cordner CW: Kevin Teevens AD: Jack Crifasi Director: Wayne Isham/X-Ray Films Editor: Steve McCorkle/Avenue Edit, Santa Monica

Nike "Hot Dog"

A chase scene involving a hot dog cart gets a bit of flavor, as the sports-requisite rhythmic drums are spiced with frantic horns and a tinny vocal. The drums are kicked off by the clatter of the cart starting to roll down the hill, and as the chase gets more exciting the drums take on a latin flavor (though the song's name is "Balkan Hotstep"), and the horns match the pace. There is a sweet drum solo when the cart crosses a bridge, and just as the horns crescendo and the rather stout runner gets his ketchup, the cart drops off a ledge and into the water, and the music cuts to silence.

Song: "Balkan Hotstep" Composer: Philip Noha/Unique Records Remix: Jim Copperthwaite Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam CW: Anthony Goldstein AD: Ollie Whatson Director: Ringan Ledwidge/Small Family Business Editor: Richard Orrick/The Whitehouse Post Production: The Mill

Virgin Mobile "Snowflakes"

Jingles aren't just for Old Navy any more. Virgin Mobile ups the camp factor and adds some religious humor in this catchy tune that wishes a happy Chrismahanukwanzakah to all, composed by indie rock band Ween. A twisted holiday pageant with a cast of dozens (including some stuffed animals), the song features Orthodox Jews, a turban-wearing Santa and a band composed of a Buddhist monk, an African flutist and a woman dressed as an angel, all of whom pitch Virgin Mobile's pay-as-you-go service. Backed by sitars, flutes and-what else-jingle bells, one verse is started by a caveman: "In some way we're all monkeys/well maybe just a smidgen." He's answered by a blonde wearing a mobile phone, who says, "I'm a Scientologist." A smiling older man replies, "That's kind of a religion."

Composer: Ween Audio Post Production: Sound Lounge Sound Engineer: Tommy Jacarone Agency: Fallon/N.Y. ECD: Ari Merkin ACD: Wayne Best CW: Adam Alshin ADs: Marcus Woolcott, Wayne Best Director: Kuntz & Maguire/MJZ Editor: Jun Diaz/MacKenzie Cutler Editorial, N.Y.

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