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NFL Networks "All Kinds of Time"

"The clock's running down/the team's losing ground/to the opposing defense/The young quarterback/waits for the snap/when suddenly it all starts to make sense." The lyrics, by Fountains of Wayne, just ask to be the soundtrack for an NFL spot. Luckily for both sides, the song "All Kinds of Time" backs a sentimental montage of young quarterbacks and their fans from years past and present. Celebrating living in a moment when you can do no wrong, the song's subjects mirror some of the NFL's current stars and allow the league's archivists to remind fans of those who came before. Also doing no wrong are the creatives involved in marrying picture and music, and, unlike the quarterbacks, they find themselves in a win-win situation.

Song: "All Kinds of Time" Musical Artist: Fountains of Wayne Agency: Triple Double - Venice CD/Copywriter: Allan Broce Director: Allan Broce/NFL Films, Mt. Laurel Producer: Allan Broce Editor: Nelson Leonard/The Now Corporation Post Production: Nice Shoes - New York

International Andy Awards "Bishop"

Tonefarmer's Ray Loewy goes Gregorian chant on us in this spot for the Andy Awards, but most specifically for the Grandy Championship ring, which is presented as the advertising industry's equivalent of the Super Bowl. Setting the tone for a scene in a cathedral, the music expands the set and amps up the drama for an entrance from a bishop who admires an adman's Grandy ring. The chords shift subtly when the bishop spots the bauble, accompanying a dramatic profile shot from director Martin Granger. We're not entirely sure that this is hyperbole, but the music greatly contributes to the tag, "Respect the work."

Composer: Ray Loewy/Tonefarmer Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky/Miami ECD: Alex Bogusky ACD: Rob Reilly CWs: Steve O'Connell, Paul Johnson ADs: Kat Morris, Rudi Anggono Director: Martin Granger/Moxie Pictures DP: Romeo Tirone Editor: Lawrence Young/Cosmo Street VFX Artist: Jay Tilin Audio Post Production: Soundtrack Mix Engineer: William Bookheim Music Executive Producer: Tiffany Warin

Nintendo "Gravy"

Sort of electro-rock with French hip-hop vocals. Big Soul's "La Belle et la Bete" backs this spot for the new Gameboy DS, which lets gamers play against each other wirelessly within 100 feet. The scene is a hip restaurant filled with beautiful young players, who challenge each other by writing messages in gravy and strawberry syrup on plates and on the damp sides of chilled glasses while gazing at each other lustily. The music electrifies the scene with an energetic beat, though the gamers remain calmly focused. The genre-blending is just as unfettered as the product.

Composers: Kelleth Chinn Caroline Wampole Song: "La Belle et la Bete" Musical Artist: Big Soul Agency: Leo Burnett/Chicago Group Creative Head: Jonathan Hoffman ECDs: Dominick Maiolo, Bill Stone CW: Gary Fox-Robertson AD: Vince Cook Director: Malcolm Venville/Anonymous Content, Culver City DP: Max Malkin Editor: Marc Langley/Whitehouse, Chicago VFX: The Filmworkers Club/Chicago

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