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Budweiser "Mr. Really Bad Toupee Wearer"

Here's to you, Mr. Insanely Memorable Advertising Song Writer. Yes, the Real Men of Genius are the team behind the ever changing tracks supporting this campaign. You know the songs from the radio ads (and from the TV spots, if you live in the U.K.); now savor the stirring anthem and deliciously overwrought vocal stylings along with visual accompaniment, as the commercials debut here. The rock dude outbursts ("Can't stop me now!" is heard in "Mr. Footlong Hotdog Inventor") and the soulful interjections of the choir complement the voiceover descriptions to make these spots classics.

Music: Scandal Music Composer: Sandy Torano Singer: Dave Bickler Mixing/recording: Chicago Recording Company Agency: DDB/Chicago CCO: Bob Scarpelli GCD: John Immesoete CD: Mark Gross, Bill Cimino CW: Bob Winter Agency Producer: Greg Popp Director: Tom Schiller/Coppos Films Editor: David Baxter/Panic & Bob


"Best Friends"; "Inanimate Objects"; "Avoid Imitators"; "Foot" Noteworthy creative out of RP&A is musically well-complemented all around. A sweet accordion-inflected number from Hum adds to the odd poignancy of the car/owner comparisons in "Best Friends." For "Inanimate Objects" and the other spots, Groove Addicts brought in Matrix: Reloaded composer Don Davis to lend cinematic gravitas.

["Best Friends"] Music: Alan Steinberger /Hum Agency: Rubin Postaer & Associates CD: David Smith, Joe Baratelli CW: David Smith AD: Joe Baratelli Agency Producer: Brian Donnelly Director: Malcolm Venville/Anonymous Content Editor: Rick Lawley/Whitehouse ["Inanimate Objects," "Avoid Imitators," "Foot"] Music: Don Davis/Groove Addicts Sound Design: 740 Sound Design Agency: Rubin Postaer & Associates CDs: David Smith, Larry Postaer, Joe Baratelli CW: Todd Carey AD: Curt Johnson Agency Producer: Gary Paticoff Director: Rocky Morton/MJZ Editor: Tom Muldoon/Nomad Effects: Method

HP "You"

What every mismatched, trying-too-hard licensed track is trying to be. When we're done clinging to every last note and frame, we'll run out and buy some HP gear.

Song: "Pictures of You" Musical Artist: the Cure Sound Design: Hank Corwin/Lost Planet Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners CDs: Rich Silverstein, Steve Simpson ACD/AD: John Norman CW: Mike McCommon Agency Producers: Elizabeth O'Toole, Josh Reynolds Director: Francois Vogel/Tool of North America Editor: Hank Corwin/Lost Planet Effects: Method

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