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Quiznos "We Love the Subs"

Picking this "track" is of course, pure homage to Joel Veitch's gut busting, tuneless non sequitur "We Love the Moon," one of the many gems on his site. With one brain-penetrating voice and a basic accoustic chord progression, this appropriation of Veitch's characters and sound works well for the always weird Quiznos. We can only wait and hope for future installments featuring reinterpretations of Veitch classics such as "I Bought the Wrong Bananas," and others not printable here.

Composer: Joel Veitch Performers: Joel Veitch, Alex Veitch Mix Engineer: Jeff McManus/Rainmaker Agency: The Martin Agency CD: Kerry Feuerman CW: Raymond McKinney AD: Ty Harper Agency Producer: Steve Humble Live Action Director: Henry Bjoin/Bjoin Films Animation Animation Director: Joel Veitch Animation Producer: Candice Chubb Editor: Devin Bousquet/Grey Box

Red Wing Shoes "Chairs"

In its continuing theme of comfort for the working stiff, Red Wings Shoes presents an appropriately leisurely-paced montage of laborers putting their feet first on the job. A cop, an auto mechanic, a house painter and an assortment of others are seen plying their trades while seated comfortably, but it's the music that really sets the tone here. Call it pure lounge, or extreme easy listening, the soporific track induces giggles and significant spine-slackening.

Music: Brahmstedt White Noise Composer: Lee Blaske Music Director: Ken Brahmstedt Sound Design: Chris Heidman, Reid Kruger Mixer: Carl White Agency: Colle+McVoy CD: John Jarvis CW: Dave Keepper AD: Mike Caguin Agency Producer: Rose Pennington Director: Anibal Suarez/Joe Blow Films Editor: Randy Kramer/Fischer Edit

Altoids "Traveling Curiosities"

Another Scott Hicks-directed visual treat, "Traveling Curiosities" takes us into a gothy circus of human deviation, where even the Goat Boy and Snake Ladies are eclipsed by the shocking performance of Myron Danger, the man who eats two Altoids at once. A rich, Philip Glass-composed Groove Addicts track contributes to the moody cinematic feel of the old-school freak show here. Not clowny or over the top, the score is a spooky, subtle and exotic flavoring to the lush yet humorous visuals.

Music: Groove Addicts Composer: Philip Glass Agency: Leo Burnett ECDs: Steffan Postaer, Mark Faulkner CD/CW: Andrew Meyer CD/AD: Noel Haan Agency Executive Producer: David Moore Director: Scott Hicks/Independent Editor: Hank Corwin/Lost Planet

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