Music Q&A: The City That Doesn't Sleep

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Non-Stop Music, a 24-year-old music company based in Salt Lake City with a church-set studio in L.A. (above), has set its sights on New York with a modest office and its catalog in tow. East Coast manager Micki Peel, who does both sales and creative duties, talks about what Non-Stop really means in the city that doesn't sleep.

Why come to New York now?

We're here because we need to be here. We have a great presence in L.A., especially in the film trailer and network promo arenas. Seventy-five percent of the films that came out last year had our music (custom and library) in their promotion. While we are a major provider for networks and cable channels in New York, we expect to expand to agencies, production houses and everything in between. And I needed a better venue for shoe shopping.

You have an enormous library. What do you consider highlights?

We have our own library and we also represent catalogs from all over the world. In the Non-Stop catalog, our drama/action collections are outstanding and I love the film trailer intensity of our Attitude series. I also dig V, a boutique catalog from London, it's new and hyper and contemporary. It's unconventional as well, giving you things like beats per minute, sub mixes, sound design and fx elements. We have a lot of world fusion and my favorite (today) is our Indian stuff, so sexy.

Are any genres/musical emotions really in demand with your commercial clients right now?

This sounds noncommittal, but it really depends on the project, the product, the client, etc. I would say comical and high energy continue as emotions that are popular, but you never know what form that will take in the music. Every gig is different, that's what keeps it interesting.

Is it hard to switch gears to give clients more musical options?

Not for me, no. Listening and communicating with our clients is key. That we have almost 800 CDs of music to search from makes it easier, for sure. If they have the budget for a custom piece, I've worked with our staff of composers for eight years now and am always amazed at their ability to interpret, create and inspire with each project.

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