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Have you heard the sound of sophistication? If you're familiar with Grey's "Ready to Tanqueray?" campaign, you have. The music in the TV spots has become almost as distinctive as Tony Sinclair himself, spawning an original hip-hop single released on Sirius satellite radio, a virtual CD at and the new musically-inclined spot "Lapland," which features a take on the holiday classic "Deck the Halls" by the band SouLive. Music producer Jared Schlemovitz sings the praises of Tanqueray's signature sound.

What's the tone you're trying to achieve with this music?

All the music has to go along with the essence of Tony Sinclair. We attack every song by asking whether Tony would vibe with it. We've developed songs in various genres-hip-hop, rap, jazz, club-but they can all fall under the "hip and sophisticated" umbrella.

How did the idea to record an original hip-hop single come about?

The single, "Get Your Ice On," came about after the TV spot "Gemcutter" was completed. Internally, everyone really loved the hip-hop genre of the underscore, so the Tanqueray team challenged us to blow it out into a full-length track. We brought in an accomplished rapper, threw some lyrics around it and had our song. The idea behind these "brandtracks" is that as long as the music is good and the production is great, who cares if it comes from a record store or from the Tanqueray website?

You also created a virtual CD that includes the single, along with remixes of tracks from other Tanqueray commercials. Why go with a VCD?

The virtual CD seemed like the ideal vehicle to deliver the tracks because it's so new to the marketplace. The biggest complaint with the mp3 revolution is that people miss the visual connection with the musicians. The VCD gives you everything-downloadable mp3s, streaming audio and a face to the work. We also decided to use the same or similar instruments in all of the music no matter what the style, so we could stay true to the Tanqueray sound.

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