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Lynx (U.K.) "Stream"

Calling this tune groovy wouldn't do it justice. The song that backs this story of two martial arts fighters-turned-lovers is probably best described by describing its origin-a Spanish sci-fi flick from 1967 called 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Morte. Opening with a sharp note sung by a soprano, the tune sounds like a surfer film set on the moon, though it's not out of place in rural Japan. If that sounds weird, consider that the Lynx lovers flirt with fists and flying feet, including a kick in the head and a nipple tweak with the toes, before they float away on a cloud of magic body mist. Makes sense to us.

Song: "Seli" Composers: Anton Garcia Abril, Marcello Giombini Agency: BBH/London Creatives: Jon Fox, Rik Brown CD: Rosie Arnold Director: Tom Carty/Gorgeous Enterprises, London DP: Seamus McGarvey Editor: Paul Watts/The Quarry, London Postproduction Company: Tom Sparks

Quaker "Highway," "Way to School," "Moving Walkway"

This spot, for a cereal bar, stars a bunch of cute kids, but there's something strange about it, which is mostly explained a lot by the fact that it was directed by Napoleon Dynamite kitsch-master Jared Hess. Starring a statue of the Quaker Oats icon, who serves the cereal bars to kids, the highlight of the spot is its strange soundtrack-men warbling a singsong nonsense tune in falsetto. Rarely is goofy great, but Jared Hess and Tonefarmer composer David Della Santa manage to come out on top.

Composer: David Della Santa Sound Designers: David Della Santa, Avi Oron Music Company: Tonefarmer Executive Producer: Tiffany Warin Mixers: Joe Vagnoni, Tom Goldblatt, Hillary Kew, Rex Recker/audioEngine, N.Y. Agency: Element 79/Chicago CW: Stefanie Lyons AD: Ian Prior Director: Jared Hess/Moxie Pictures DP: Stefan Czpasky Editor: Avi Oron/Bikini Edit, N.Y. Effects Companies: The Mill/Riot, N.Y.


It was only a matter of time before Scottish "it" band Franz Ferdinand was backing a commercial, and it just so happens that their match is the "it" gadget of the year, the Sony PSP. With a stomping beat, shoutable lyrics and a twangy riff, their single, "Take Me Out," embodies the can't-sit-still excitement of playing with a new toy, but at the same time it's restrained in much the same way as someone trying to be oh so cool about it. We get to watch the proud new parents' faces as they gaze lovingly at their PSPs, concentrating on games, watching movies, and bobbing their heads to the music.

Song: "Take Me Out" Musical Artist: Franz Ferdinand Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, L.A. CD: Jerry Gentile CW: Brett Craig AD: Doug Mukai Director: Dave Meyers/ Director of Photography: Nicolaj Bruel Editor: Chris Davis/Outpost Digital, Santa Monica Visual Effects: Zoic Studios, L.A. VFX Supervisor/Lead Inferno: John Shirley

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