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HSBC "Commuter"

When scoring a spot, a composer can always turn to instruments that are proven evokers of emotion. There's the piano, the guitar and-the saw? Yes, the tool shed staple is played as a commuter takes a nap on the subway, providing a strange and somehow soothing quality. "HSBC has a global awareness of culture and understands that what may be considered odd in one country may actually be normal in another," says Big Foote executive producer Paul Seymour. "The music reflects this idea, striking an important balance of the familiar and the strange with the soothing lullaby played by a saw."

Music Company: Big Foote Music Composer/Arranger: Louis King Musician: Dale Stuckenbruck Agency: JWT/N.Y. ECD: Walt Connelly CD: Michael Hart AD: Damian Totman CW: Nat Whitten Director: Errol Morris/Moxie Pictures Editor: Marc Langley/The Whitehouse

Dreyer's Ice Cream "Store"

Another bare-bones surprise, "Store" features a product so great that customers will descend like lions hunting fresh antelope flesh, spoons at the ready. So it's completely appropriate that the melodramatic dialogue comes with strategic rhythmic beat to build tension for the attack.

Sound Design: Ripe Sound/San Rafael Sound Designer: Andy Newell Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners CD: Jeff Goodby CW: Al Kelley AD: Nick Spahr Director: Paul Gay/Omaha Pictures

Capital One "Garth"

This tale of marauders and looters gone mild had the potential to be slapstick funny, as Viking-like characters are shown in jobs requiring finesse, such as shoe salesman, flight attendant and electrician. But through a sad and sparse piano score, the spot gains more depth, making it funny but not hilarious, which is ideal in this context. Ultimately, it makes sense for a credit card company to have an intelligent chuckle at a Viking's expense.

Music Company: Scandal - Chicago Audio Post Production: Chicago Recording Company Audio Mixer: Dave Gerbosi Agency: DDB/Chicago CCO: Bob Scarpelli CDs: Adam Glickman, Craig Feigen GCD: Barry Burdiak ACDs: Dick Tracy, Geoff McCartney Director: Tom Routson/Tool of North America Editor: Grant Gustafson/The Whitehouse

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