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Apple "Hands"

It's as straightforward a sell as you're going to get-demonstration of the "impossibly small" iPod Nano slipping through someone's fingers and a nice beat. This one is particularly sweet, a beat box over a perky, funky bass line and lyrics like "rock the rhythm." It's a broad tune without voiceover that's climbing the iTunes charts all over the world.

Music: Mophonics Musical Artist: The Resource Audio Post: Play Mixer: John Bolen Executive Producer: Michael Frick Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day/L.A. Worldwide CCO: Lee Clow CDs: Duncan Milner, Eric Grunbaum Associate CD: Alaiun Briere AD: Scott Trattner Directors: Mark Coppos, Virginia Lee/Green Dot Films Editor: Glenn Martin/Nomad

Best Buy "Soar"

If it looks like Disney and sounds like Disney ... then it must be another of those cellphone spoof ads seen in AMC Theaters. This one is particularly effective because of its theatrical score, a sweeping, emotional instrumental piece that is right in line with children's trailers. The spot also uses the same voice talent as the real thing, and in this format-where a ringing cellphone breaks the concentration of audience and character alike-the more realistic the spot, the better the payoff.

Music Company: Emoto Music Composer: Steve Hampton Sound Design: Eddie Kim/740 Sound Design, Santa Monica Agency: In-house GCD: Bill Nordin Senior CW: Tom Lord AD: Brian Williams Director of Broadcast Production: Mollie Weston Reynolds Director: Saul & Elliot/Curious Pictures Animation: Yowza Animation Editor: Landis Hartman

Nissan "Take Me Driving in Your Car"

This spot would just be cars driving around and looking sporty without the folksy, silly soundtrack provided by country legend Woody Guthrie. The combination of the two may seem jarring, but each takes the edge off the other. The sleek images and gear changes make the lip-vibrating and horn-imitating vocals less childish, and the sounds soften the machismo of the sports cars and remind drivers of what makes a fast car so much fun.

Composer: Woody Guthrie Sound Design: Gus Koven/Stimmung Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day/L.A. ECD: Rob Schwartz CD/AD/CWs: Rob Schwartz, Joe Shands Director: Zack Snyder/Believe Media Editor: Bill Chessman

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