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Brand Jordan "B More"

In a basketball spot that's less about action and ego and more about emotion and history, it's refreshing to hear a chill, moving track that injects a bit of soul into a simple walk through the neighborhood. As Carmelo Anthony takes a walk through Baltimore and down memory lane, we hear hip-hop influenced production, R&B vocals, and strings and choir for that extra punch.

Music Company: Elias Arts Composer: Dave Wittman Music Producer: Kala Sherman Sound Design: MacKenzie Cutler Editorial Sound Designer: Marc Healy Mixer: Marc Healy Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/N.Y. CDs: Todd Waterbury, Kevin Proudfoot Copywriter: Greg Kalleres Art Director: Jesse Coulter Directors: Antoine Fuqua, Alex Lamarque/Anonymous Content Editorial Company: MacKenzie Cutler Editorial

PS2 "Golf"

Who knew that the theme song from The Golden Girls would be used 20 years later to sell videogames? Regardless, a generation that grew up watching Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia will no doubt appreciate a version of the song that scores a true tale of a pal and a confidante-the revenge one golfer has on some impatient coursemates via a loyal robot.

Song: "Thank You For Being a Friend" Music Company: Emoto Composer: Andrew Gold Sound Design: Slappo Sound Designer: Neil Uchitel Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day/L.A. CD: Jerry Gentile ACD: Brett Craig, Doug Mukai CW: Chris Dutton AD: Dana Markee Director: Tom De Cerchio/Incubator Films Editor: Rick Shambaugh/Venice Beach

Virgin Digital "Brand Essence Video"

The product is an online music database, so it's not surprising that Ground Zero found a song about music to score their spot's visual interpretation of song titles. Written by Canadian songwriter Serena Ryder, the song's lyrics talk about the impulsive needs of musicians and music lovers-"you gotta sing sing sing sing, don't you dare hold nothing back." In a spot that references all kinds of classic titles (Ryder's song starts when the letter I shoots the sheriff), there could have been a number of songs to use, but with a strong beat and a timeless voice, "Sing Sing" hits the right note.

Song "Sing Sing" Composer: Serena Ryder Sound Engineer: Kyle Schember Agency: Ground Zero CD: Court Crandall CW: Kristina Slade AD: Rodrigo Butori Director: Brumpy Bolyston Executive Producer: Steiner Kiercy Animation: National Television

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