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Adidas "Made to Perfection"

A skilled and other-worldly model builder creates three miniature basketball players, then opens a porthole to a tiny world below and rips the roof off an arena to watch them play. The models come to life among the debris of a roofless court. Visual artists incorporated models, live action and light to bring the story to life. For the story behind the effects, see Vision Q&A, right.

VFX: Method VFX Supervisor: Cedric Nicolas Model Maker: Stan Winston Agency: 180/TBWA ECD: Chuck McBride ACD/CWs: Scott Duchon, John Patroulis ACD/AD: Geoff Edwards Director: Rupert Sanders/Omaha Pictures DP: Jess Hall Editor: Neil Smith/Whitehouse

HP "It Consolidates"

From the mammoth list of credits below, you can tell that this spot was no easy task. Nevertheless, HP's latest effects flourish takes us to a simpler place, as illustration, CG and stop-motion effects demonstrate how HP technology can simplify complicated servers. We see a tangled highway that straightens itself out, an office that conveniently folds into a more streamlined place, and a self-cleaning cubicle. Consolidating multiple techniques, the animators, illustrators and photographers themselves pulled it all together to make the spot a colorful metaphor.

Design/Visual Effects Company: Motion Theory AD: Mathew Cullen VFX Supervisor: John Clark Senior Designer: Mark Kudsi Designers/Animators: Paulo de Almada, Kaan Atilla, Earl Burnley, John Clark, Mathew Cullen, Jesus de Francisco, Gabe Dunne, Jesse Franklin, Christopher Janney, Chris De St Jeor, Linas Jodwalis, Mark Kudsi, Mark Kulakoff, Mark Lai, Chris Leone, Vi Nguyen, Robyn Resella, Kirk Shintani, Mike Slane Pre-Visualization Development: Chris Leone Postproduction Coordinator: James Taylor Artists: Joseph Hart, Carm Goode, Daniel Chang, Ryan Wallace Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners CD: John Norman ACDs: Rick Condos, Hunter Hindman AD: Stacy Milrany CW: Will Elliott Director: Motion Theory Director of Photography: Claudio Miranda Live-Action: Mathew Cullen, Bo Platt Editor: Jeff Consiglio

Renault Espace (France) "Hector's Life"

Hector is a French comic character sick of living inside the box, so he jumps off the page for a trip to the country. While riding on a train or hiking over rocks, the 2-D fella brought to life in a 3-D world flutters in the wind and crinkles, but his lines move to change expression and perspective in a cleverly subtle way. Effects artists not only animated Hector, but also a beetle that he rides, the water in which he splashes, and some less-than-ideal weather encountered during the weeklong shoot in Italy. If only all comic strips were this charming and funny.

Effects company: Framestore CFC/London Character Designer: Helio Visual Effects Shoot Supervisors: Ben Cronin, Jake Mengers Lead Animator: Nicklas Andersson Animator: Dean Robinson Senior Technical Directors: Simon Stoney, Jamie Isles Senior Colorist: Steffan Perry Agency: Publicis Conseil - Paris Executive Creative Director: Olivier Altmann Creative Director: Herve Plumet Copywriter: Thierry Lebec Art Director: Benedicte Potel TV Producer: Muriel Allegrini Production Company: Bandits Director: Dom & Nic Sound Producer: Boris Nicou

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