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Gatorade "Shattered"

Athletes literally fall apart when they don't drink their Gatorade Endurance, according to this spot, which features effects from Digital Domain. But instead of shattering, breaking or shrinking, the sports enthusiasts crumble like concrete, emphasizing the idea of dehydration and complimenting athletes' strength. The effect itself is an impressive one, as a soccer player slides and dissolves into a pile of rocks, while a runner's feet crumble until she belly-flops onto the pavement. Two football players hit the tackling pads with enough force to make them shatter into rubble.

VFX Company: Digital Domain VFX Supervisor: Brad Parker VFX Head of Production: Mike Pardee VFX Coordinator: Susan Long Agency: Element 79 Partners CCO: Dennis Ryan GCD: Joe Burke CW: Tom Wilson AD: David Boensch Director: Brian Beletic/Smuggler DP: Emmanuel Lubezki Editor: Maury Loeb/P.S. 260 Sound Designer: Brian Emrich

GE "Singing in the Rain"

A CG elephant tap dances through the clean rain forest in a corporate image spot, part of a campaign boasting of GE's environmental initiatives. Luckily for animators, the tiny pachyderm came with built-in moves, thanks to some dancers who literally filled its shoes to perform the choreography. After hoofing through the set, animators replaced the dancers' torsos with the elephant's uber-cute top half.

VFX Company: Quiet Man/N.Y. VFX Supervisor: Johnny Semerad CGI Supervisor: Kris Rivel Lead Animators: Boris Ustaev, Anderson Ko Agency: BBDO/N.Y. CCO: David Lubars ECD: Don Schneider CD/CW: Tom Darbyshire CD/AD: Ted Shaine Director: Joe Pytka/Pytka Editors: Sherri Margulies, Matt Shapiro/Crew Cuts Music Company: DHMA Music Supervisor: David Horowitz

Hummer "Vertigo"

This spot is not for the weak of stomach. The camera does enough 360s to make a carsick passenger lose her lunch, but comes out on top for making the viewing into an experience. Initially shot in passenger POV, we see sand and sky upside down, then we do a backward somersault to land on a shot of the Hummer, then circle the vehicle from the outside. The passenger-flipping was done in-camera, while exteriors were shot separately and inserted by compositors.

VFX Company: The Mill/N.Y. VFX Artist: Angus Kneale Agency: Modernista!/Boston ECDs: Lance Jensen Gary Koepke CD/CW: Shane Hutton CD/AD: Will Uronis Director: Daniel Levi/Smuggler DP: Glynn Speeckaert Editor: Geoff Hounsell/Lost Planet Editorial Music Company: Ten Music/Santa Monica Audio Post Production: Sound Lounge/N.Y.

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