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Microsoft "Start Something" campaign

Combining various animation techniques in a 3-D space, the latest campaign from Microsoft helps to tell stories from all walks of Windows customers. Though they tell the stories of people from mature world travelers to 8-year-old storytellers, the spots start with a few lines that become vivid illustrations on elaborate sets. The camera travels through each scene as animation pops up to demonstrate the inner workings of some very creative minds.

Design/Animation: Stardust VFX ECD: Jake Banks ADs: Brad Tucker ("Cosmic," "Secret ID"), PJ Richardson ("Cosmic"), Jake Banks ("Break-Ups," "Trekker"), Neil Tsai ("Break-Ups," "Stephanie"), Chris Saunders ("Trekker") Agency: McCann Erickson/San Francisco CDs: Jeff Huggins, Eric McClellan, Tom Giovagnoli Director: Ralf Schmerberg/ Editor: Doug Walker/Filmcore Music: Elias Composer: Chris Campanaro

Kaiser Family Foundation "Urban"

"Urban" demonstrates with interpretive dance and effects how knowledge about AIDS spreads while referencing the disease abstractly through multiplying people. Effects artists used Massive to create the crowds from actors performing 30 dance moves that were then assigned to different characters.

Effects: The Mill/London VFX: Hsu Hung Tai VFX Artists: Antony Walsham, Barnsley, Neil Davies 3-D Animators: Jordi Bares, Eric Deltour, Sam Driscoll Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky ECD: Alex Bogusky CD: Dave Schiff CW: Franklin Tipton AD: Geordie Stephens Director: Si & Ad/Academy Productions DP: Ricardo Della Rosa Editor: Final Cut Song: "Love Is" Musical Artist: Common

Verizon "Glory"

A grandma proves to be scrappier than previously thought in a spot that demonstrates how broadband can improve the way gamers react, when she enters the ring with an intimidating opponent. Grandma is in fact a younger woman in makeup, but the real challenge came from the strobe effects that simulate photographers' flashbulbs.

VFX: Sea Level VFX Supervisor: Brian Buongiorno Inferno Artist: Philip Ineno Fire Artist: Jim Bohn 2-D Artists: Christel Hazard, Chris Buongiorno, Cathy Gochnour, Eric Bruno Agency: McGarryBowen/N.Y. CCO: Gordon Bowen ECDs: Gordon Bowen, Betsy Petropoulos, Haydn Morris Director: Tarsem/ DP: Colin Wilkinson Editors: Jim Haygood, Michael Heldman/Spotwelders

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