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Pepsi "Timeline"

Stardust and Mass Market's effects for Pepsi's spot featuring Kanye West are difficult to describe because they don't look like much that exists in reality. We can say that the soda-chugging rapper travels the world thanks to a panorama that appears like images in a pop-up book, with landmarks like pyramids, the Eiffel Tower and the Chicago skyline sprouting from the ground and making way for the next city. In the meantime, West issues colored smoke in his wake that resembles the Pepsi logo thanks to a preppy red shirt and blue jeans.

Special Effects: StarDust, Mass Market VFX: Mass Market Agency: Spike DDB/N.Y. CD: Desmond Hall ACD: Adam Hessel CW: Jenine Holmes ADs: Adam Hessel, Troy Benson Agency Producer: Dale Bramwell Director: Spike Lee/40 Acres and a Mule Editor: Paul Martinez/Lost Planet

Honda "Keyhole"

As viewers look inside a car's keyhole, all kinds of creepy crawlies-including newly-emerged butterflies, shedding snakes and newborn spiders-come out to demonstrate the rebirth of the Honda Civic, part of a massive youth push for the redesigned vehicle. But in addition to this rebirth, effects house A52 comes out of its effects cocoon with a directing credit, with VFX supervisors Andrew Hall and Patrick Murphy leading the animation-heavy spot in a close collaboration with editor Angus Wall of Rock Paper Scissors.

VFX: A52 Executive Producer: Mark Tobin PreViz Artist, VFX Supervisor: Casey Schatz CGI VFX Supervisor: Andy Hall Lead Inferno Artist: Patrick Murphy Agency: RPA, Santa Monica CW: Camille Sze AD: Nathan Crow Director: A52/Pecubu Productions DP: Tobias Schliessler Editor: Angus Wall/Rock Paper Scissors Colorist: Sparkle/Complete Post

Suzuki "Base Jump"

Using a dizzying technique developed by director Klaus Obermeyer to film restrictive geographical areas, production company Aero Films and VFX company Below the Radar show us what it would feel like to base jump to work. In one smooth camera motion, a man walks out of his house, down the path and off a cliff, parachuting to his car.

VFX: Below the Radar VFX Supervisor: Michael Hartog Flame Artist: Ricardo Torres CGI Artist: Damon Chernavsky Postproduction: Company 3 Colorist: Stephan Sonnenfeld Agency: Colby & Partners, Santa Monica CD: Carmen Dorr Senior CW: Charlie Tercek Senior AD: Doug Finelli Director: Klaus Obermeyer/Aero Film Editor: Barnett Kiel/Aero Post

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