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Lexus "Collision"

Lexus creates a literal hybrid in this effects-driven spot that depicts an SUV and a sleek futuristic car that collide and seem to explode. Each part detaches to rearrange spatially, and the splayed parts resemble an organized explosion, until they fall into place to reveal the luxury hybrid SUV.

VFX: Digital Domain VFX Executive Producer: Ed Ulbrich VFX Supervisor: Eric Barba CG Supervisor: Jay Barton VFX Coordinator: Shelby Wong Sound Design: Amber Music, Juice Flame Compositor: Paul Kirsch Nuke Compositors: Todd Sarsfield, Janelle Crowshaw Director: Jeffery Plansker/Supply & Demand Executive Producer: Dana Garman Line Producer: Simon Barrett Editor: Noah Herzog/Spot Welders Agency: Team One, El Segundo CD: Chris Graves CW: Jeff Spiegel AD: Lou Flores Senior Producer: Jennifer Willet

Johnnie Walker "Painting"

Set entirely within works of art, this spot comes to life and then stays true to its source material thanks to meticulous effects work. "Painting" takes the viewer through five pieces of art-Delacroix's "The Battle of Taillebourg," Katsushika Hokusai's "Gaifu Kaisei," Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte," Miro's "Manbirdstone" and Magritte's "La Victoire"-as a soldier in the Delacroix decides to break out of character, so to speak. Presented by the agency as the story of personal progress in which a man decides to change his destiny and plays it out on museum canvases, the spot was directed by Pat Gavin and Bobby Proctor of Aardman Animation in a combination of traditional and computer techniques.

Production Company: Aardman Animation Directors: Pat Gavin, Bobby Proctor DP: Peter James Editor: Dan Williamson Postproduction: Aardman Animation, Rushes Musical Artist: Cristian Solimeno Audio Post: Wave Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty/London CD: John Hegarty AD/CWs: Justin Moore, Steve Robertdon

Hewlett-Packard "Circus Flea"

The idea behind the spot is that we can see the fleas because they're in high def, but the 3-D animated bugs are hardly realistic representations. However cartoonishly exaggerated the antennaed ones may look, the fleas themselves are great representations of CG animation, showing skilled perspective and texture.

VFX: Bent Image Lab Directors: David Daniels, Jim Clark, Ray Di Carlo/Bent Image Lab DP: Mark Eifert Animators: Rob Shaw, Randall Wakerlin, Galen Beals, Eric Schuer Technical Directors: Kai Pederson, Galen Beals Production AD: Jim Clark

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Creatives: Hart Rusen, Marc Sobier Senior CD: John Matejczyk Head Of Production: Josh Reynolds

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