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Nike "New Shoes"

A house full of LeBrons is made possible by Ring of Fire, and director Stacy Wall jams them all into some pretty tight frames by having them interact, dance and sit at the dinner table together realistically. In addition, Kid LeBron appears smaller than Wise, All Business and Athlete thanks to oversized props and composite work.

VFX: Ring of Fire VFX Creative Director: Jerry Spivack Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/Portland CDs: Mike Byrne, Hal Curtis, Jim Riswold CW: Brian Ford AD: Jayanta Jenkins Director: Stacy Wall/Epoch Editors: Haines Hall/Joint, Matthew Hilber/Spotwelders

Siemens "Building Blocks"

Mechanical parts float toward a city to build it from the ground up. Like tiny puzzle pieces, the parts slowly fit together to make buildings, trains and windmills. According to Mass Market, the company responsible for the effects, even plumbing and wiring were included in the breakdown before they animated the 3-D objects that build the fictional city.

VFX: Mass Market Technical Director: Pakorn Bupphavesa CG Artists: Boris Ustaev, Melanie Tonkin, Domel Libid, Junguen Kim, Josh Harvey, Jonathan Garin, Gerald Ding, Laurent Barthelemy, Alvin Bae VFX Creative Directors: Chris Staves, Marco Spier Lead Flame Artist: Chris Staves Agency: Publicis/N.Y. CDs: Howard Willmott, Duncan Marshall CW: Clay Weiner AD: Alan Vladusic Directors: Marco Spier, Chris Staves DP: Neil Shapiro Editor: Gary Knight/Final Cut

PSP "Squirrels"

The drawings couldn't be much simpler, but the black-and-white 2-D animations for PSP's latest campaign are just the lo-fi approach necessary to give a shiny tech project some serious gamer appeal. Though the characters and settings could be straight from the storyboard, the product is completely recognizable.

Director: Monkmus/Hornet Animators: Dan Abdo, Jason Patterson, Masako Miyazaki 3-D Animation: Yuli Liao 3-D Modeling & Animation: Stanley Ilin Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles ECD: Rob Schwartz CD: Jerry Gentile ACD: Brett Craig, Doug Mukai CW: Patrick Almaguer AD: Blake Kidder Editor: Venice Beach Editorial

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