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CDC "Sunshine"

The sun is passed around like a ball in this spot advocating outdoor activity, and the visual accompanying the idea is as beautiful as it is playful. The orb glows and influences the lighting in every shot, so that scenes are sunny but not necessarily bright, and when one boy puts it under his shirt, the frame goes dark.

VFX: Tom Sparks/Alterations Services Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi/N.Y. CW: Leo Premutico AD: Jan Jacobs Agency Director: Chris Palmer/Gorgeous Enterprises, Anonymous Content DP: Philippe Rousselot Editor: Paul Watts/The Quarry

Toyota "Numbers"

Gas prices are a hassle for all drivers except those with RAV4s in this spot for Toyota. The numbers-which appear as plastic rectangles like those on gas station signs-swarm like locusts around less fortunate drivers and their cars, creating living shingles on one vehicle, and using effects to deftly illustrate a simple message.

VFX: Method Studios VFX Supervisors: Gil Baron, Alex Frisch, Laurent Ledru Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi/L.A. ECD: Harvey Marco CD: Steve Chavez ACD/AD: Dino Spadavecchia CW: Simon Mainwaring Director: Philippe Andre/Villains DP: Igor Jadue Lillo Editor: Paul Martinez/Lost Planet Editorial

American Express "Roddick vs. Pong"

AmEx pays homage to a classic videogame and takes the idea to the next level-instead of having Andy Roddick simply square off against Pong for kicks, he figures out the floating bar's weakness (a drop shot) to defeat it. The spot manages to invest a white three-dimensional box with a personality.

VFX: Digital Domain Executive Producer: Ed Ulbrich VFX Supervisor: Les Ekker Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/N.Y. CD: Terry Finley, Chris Mitton CW: Chris Lisick AD: John Lamacchia Director: Stylewar/Smuggler DP: Philippe Lesourd Production Designer: John Hammer Editor: Avi Oron/Bikini Editorial

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