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Lenovo "Roll Cage," "Long Life," "Virus," "Ink"

How do you demonstrate laptop features without too much voiceover or an actor pretending to be the friendly neighborhood techie? By using elegant effects to show what the features do, either metaphorically or literally. A feature that helps minimize the damage of a dropped computer is shown as a roll cage, while a virus protection feature eliminates ruby-toned animated prisms with legs. On the metaphorical side, a longer battery life is displayed with the passing of seasons and changing flora around the PC, and a notebook with a rotating tablet screen evolves from a pool of dripping ink.

agency: Ogilvy & Mather, N.Y.

gcd: Andy Berndt, Jeff Curry

cd/ad: Chris Curry

cw: Ben Hughes

director: Motion Theory

editor: Jason Webb

vfx: Motion Theory

design/ad: Kaan Atilla, Mark Kudsi

design/cd: Mathew Cullen, Grady Hall

VW "Frog"

Framestore/London demonstrates how a Volkswagen is small but strong by showing a fly-caught in a frog's tongue-fly away, dragging the frog along with it. This German spot is simple, effective and a little bit gross, but the subtle visuals and consistent style make a surprising and delightful David and Goliath tale.

agency: DDB, Berlin

cd/ad/cw: Wolfgang Schneider

director: Henry Littlechild, Outsider, London/Marken Films, Germany

dp: David Luther

editoral: Marken Films

vfx: Ben Cronin, Framestore CFC, London

Juicy Fruit "Ant"

A giant insect is inexplicably cast as man's best friend, and once a stick of gum makes an appearance, a friendly game of ant Frisbee turns vicious. VFX from Asylum not only helped the ant exist, but the bug interacts in a convincing way with its master, dragging him from his haven in his car down a dark hole in his yard.

agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago

cco: Marty Orzio

gcd: Al Wyatt, Todd Hoffman, Jim Hyman

cw: Zach Hilder

ad: Ryan Dickey

director: Dante Ariola, MJZ

editor: Kirk Baxter, Rock Paper Scissors

vfx: Asylum

vfx exec producer: Gabby Gourrier-Evans

vfx producer: Darcie Tang

vfx supervisor: Mitch Drain

cg supervisor: Sean Faden

lead animator: Matt Hackett

compositing: Rob Maggach
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