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It's not everyday you see a bear seduce a deer in a jungle-based strip club. In "Naturally Juicy," we see this along with said strip club populated by a Wild Kingdom of animal peelers, grinding and shaking to the remixed salsa sounds of Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez' "I Like It Like That." It may seem like an advocacy ad for zoophilia, but no, it's for the fizzy orange goodness of Orangina. We spoke to The Mill, London's Juan Brockhaus about creating this nature scene you'll never see on the Discovery Channel.

What was the brief for this spot?
It was to create furry dancing animals with big wobbling boobs in a photo-real, yet stylized environment.

What did you think of the idea?
It's quite a hilarious, crazy and over the top idea for a soft drink. Very French and sexy.

What were the overall goals for the spot?
On the character side, the animals needed to look and feel very sexy but we had to avoid making them look creepy. The background had to be rich and complex to avoid it looking too much like a theater stage. And also to keep the naughtiness as high as possible.

How were the types of animals chosen?
The type of animals was provided by the French Agency- FFL Paris.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced making this spot?
The tight schedule (to create) a huge amount of characters and full CG environments. Also, bringing the dance choreography together, the fur rendering and the creation of a jungle strip club. It was also a challenge to make human shaped bodies with animal heads and extreme proportions look hot and sexy and not creepy.

What was used as inspiration for the dancing styles?
The different animal types were taken as inspiration for the dance style. Professional dancers performed the dance moves, which were motion captured.

How much freedom did you guys have to try things out?
It was quite tightly scripted and the designs of the animals were mainly dictated by an existing print campaign. The dance moves were performed by professional dancers, but on the facial animation we worked together with the animation director. Due to the extremely tight deadline there wasn't that much time to try and play, unfortunately.

Were there any animals you tried to animate like this that didn't work out?
No, we used all the animals we created. On the octopus the motion capture didn't bring the right performance across, so we hand-animated this character.

Was this the most bizarre spot assignment you've ever done?
Almost. Once for a student short film, I animated and composited a penis running on its balls and in a close-up it "looking" into camera.

Which was your favorite animal stripper?
Actually my favorite character is the flowerwoman. Technically, it was the most challenging to handle with all the paddles and leaves. She really is a nice and delicate character.

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