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C3: Cable Scores Big Gains in Audience, Program Development (Kathy Haley)

C4: General Entertainment: Innovation Flavors New Drama, Comedy, Reality Series (Wayne Karrfalt)

C4: Information Networks: Stars, Entertainment Brighten Nonfiction Fare (Sharon Donovan)

C5: Movie Channels: Feature Films, Miniseries Reach Out to Wider Audience (Wayne Karrfalt)

C6: A&E Network

C8: ABC Family

C10: ABC Cable Networks

C12: AMC

C14: BET

C16: The Biography Channel

C18: Bloomberg Television

C20: Bravo


C24: CNN

C26: Comedy Central

C28: CMT: Country Music Television

C30: Court TV

C34: Discovery Networks

C36: DIY

C38: E! Networks

C40: Fine Living

C42: Food Network


C46: FX

C48: Game Show Network

C50: The Golf Channel

C52: Hallmark Channel

C54: Home & Garden Television

C56: The History Channel

C58: Lifetime

C60: Lifetime Movie Network


C64: MTV

C66: National Geographic Channel

C68: Outdoor Channel

C70: Outdoor Life Network

C72: Oxygen

C74: SCI FI Channel

C76: Speed Channel

C78: TBS Superstation

C80: TNT

C82: TR!O

C84: TV Guide Channel

C86: USA Network

C88: VH1

C90: WE: Women's Entertainment

C92: The Weather Channel

C94: Kids and Family: A Bonanza for Kids of All Ages (Jean Bergantini Grillo and Kathy Haley)

C94: News Networks: War Ratings Boost Channels (Alan Breznick)

C94: Regional News Networks Add Spanish, Weather, Traffic

C95: Sports Networks: Sports Channels Offer Sharper Pictures, More Action (Alan Breznick)

C95: More Teams Eye Regional Sports Arena

C95: Interconnects: Cable Pushes for a Bigger Share of National Spot Advertising (Kathy Haley)

C96: Music: Music Channels Tune Up with Comedy, Reality, Interactivity (Jean Bergantini Grillo)

C96: Multicultural Networks: Targeting Varied Demographics (Wayne Karrfalt)

C97: Lifestyle Channels: Aiming for Broader Audience, Networks Try Lively New Formats (Sharon Donovan

C97: Cable Networks Make Jump to HDTV (Alan Breznick)

C98: Cable Network Directory

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