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The name of L.A. motion and broadcast design studio Buck connotes everything from deer to dollar signs, all of which are present in the shop's propaganda. But it turns out the moniker is actually a jovial homage to Buckminster Fuller, the art and science visionary who just might be tickled to see the fine work his namesake has turned out for the Fine Living, NFL and Fuse networks. OK, so the reel's no geodesic dome, but coming from a shop only about a year old, it boasts some truly fresh stuff: Fuse IDs that cleverly morph sponsors like Winterfresh Gum and Puma into the network's logo and a graphically crisp nine-spot winter ID campaign for the Fine Living Network. Next up the shop is applying its skills to moving billboards for Ikea in New York's Times Square. It helps that behind the Buck name is creative director Ryan Honey, a Canadian-born designer who contributed to Ogilvy's award winning work for IBM e-business and led the show at New York-based Heavy, Inc., which launched, prior to the dot-com bust, the much buzzed about online content portal Heavy.com; and Jeff Ellermeyer, a business vet who's worked for Interscope, Virgin and a slew of other recording industry giants. But beyond the shop's good-lookin' work, "our approach is really about collaboration, and that includes the client," Honey notes. "We enjoy what we do, and a big part of that is interacting with and learning from each other. It's also about mutual respect and lack of egos." Moreover Honey sees his team as more than just "designers," he adds. "In my experience, especially in the broadcast arena, people look to shops like ours for a lot more than design. They want creative from all angles. We have to be able to provide concepts, scripts, storyboards, live action production, music and sound design, either to get a leg up on smaller studios, or compete with the larger ones."

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