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You can practically scrape the grit of Philly's urban landscape off the work of design/illustration duo eneone (pronounced anyone)-less mysteriously known as Benjamin Langsfeld and Thomas Schmid. After meeting in a 3D design course at the University of Pennsylvania, the pair has gone on to paint street cred all over clients like Nike, And1 and Brooklyn indie record label Ropeadope, to name just a few. "We work in a very urban area," Langsfeld notes. "North Philadelphia is no Malibu. If you took a walk in our neighborhood you would see a lot of the textures, colors and techniques we use in our work." But don't expect to see their tags on just your everyday brick wall. Eneone's skills extend from the web to character design, although they say broadcast is their first love. Just how far their talent travels is apparent in a massive project for AND1, which commissioned a large "digital mural" that the sportswear company could take apart and collage into various print and broadcast campaigns. "We had an enormous amount of freedom to experiment," Langfeld notes. The pair merged together in PhotoShop a laundry list of techniques: hand-drawn characters, illustrator portraits, 3D models, hand made and digital stencils, hand-painted brush techniques and even Bic pen graffiti and Magnum marker tag work. The work is truly a streetwise standout, but with all the urban co-opting in the mainstream, how does eneone plan to avoid becoming a passing fad? "Personally, we don't believe in labeling any original artwork as 'trendy,'"Schmid notes. "We tend to design about the world around us, and for the time being that world has become incredibly popular in mainstream culture. Most artists that we have met and followed have been doing their own thing for the whole duration of this so-called 'art movement.' The public decides what to label as original or trendy."

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