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Method "Come Clean"

Confessing all your dirty secrets never looked so clean, thanks to this Cyber Grand Prix-winning site by Crispin Porter + Bogusky and The Barbarian Group. Here, visitors can type in their own confessions-or browse through other people's sins-which are then written on a pair of virtual hands before being washed away by Method's eco-friendly soaps and cleaning products.

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky Programming: The Barbarian Group ECD: Alex Bogusky ACD: Franklin Tipton Interactive CD: Jeff Benjamin CWs: Jake Mikosh, Larry Corwin, David Gonzalez, Ryan Kutscher, Justin Kramm, Bob Cianfrone, Paul Johnson, Ronny Northrop, Mike Howard, Brian Tierney, Jackie Hathiramani, Evan Fry, Dustin Ballard AD: Mike Ferrare Designer: Rahul Panchal Programmers: Jason Soros, Juan Morales

Miller "Milwaukee's Best"

Are you a real man? Immature guys everywhere got to find out by visiting Mother/N.Y. and The Barbarian Group's testosterone-charged site for Miller's manly beer brand, featuring a "Man-thology" timeline, downloadable pinups of busty chicks, and a series of games.

Agency: Mother/N.Y. Interactive Agency: The Barbarian Group CDs: Paul Malmstrom, Linus Karlsson CWs: Dave Clark, Ann Mason AD: Rob Baird

Sega "Monkeyball"

Officially titled "The True Adventures of Chad, The Guy Who Was So Into Super Monkey Ball Deluxe That He Decided to Live in a Ball," this hilarious online series out of Mekanism, to promote Sega's eponymous game, details the snafus that arise when an avid Monkey Ball fan chooses to spend his life inside a plastic bubble.

Agency/Production Co.: Mekanism CWs: Kevin Frank, Tommy Means, Pete Caban AD: Conor McCann Director: Tommy Means DP: Andy Lillian Producer: Stef Smith, Pete Caban, Meredith Preble Editor: Ian Kovalik Sound Designer: Jeremiah Moore Composer/Lyricist: J Bowman Site Design: Conor McCann

Snickers"Snickers Satisfies"

Visitors to Atmosphere BBDO's thoroughly-satisfying website for Snickers got a daily dose of interactive hilarity. Each day brought a new experience-from using a fan to blow the toupee off a bald man to slapping an obnoxious TV lawyer silly.

Agency: Atmosphere BBDO CCO: Andreas Combuechen ECDs: Arturo Aranda, Eric Silver CW: Susan Phuvasitkul ADs: Brett Simon, Ron Lent, Vina Lam, Donovan Goodly Producer: Joseph Bradley Sr. Developer: Henry Cho Director of Development: Steve Longbons Lead Developers: Katy Walker, Fatima Osman, David Singer

Target "Odds Against 7even"

This series of webisodes created by retailer Target and agency Peterson Milla Hooks, and directed by Hungry Man's Scott Vincent, follows the adventures of seven students in search of the perfect band to play at the school year's kickoff party.

Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks CD: Dave Peterson CWs: David Richardson, Michael Sharp, Nate Morley AD: David Richardson Agency Producer: Kris Wong Barrie Director: Scott Vincent/Hungry Man DP: Marc Laliberte Producer: John Marx Editors: Erik Carlson (films), David Henegar (trailer)/Butcher Music Co.: Modern Music

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