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Guinness "noitulove"

Good things come to those who wait-a long, long time, as suggested in this festive retro time trip, a Daniel Kleinman-steered affair that shows the devolution of three buddies from Guinness-drinking pubgoers, to cavemen, chimps and bulbous-eyed mudskippers.

Agency: AMV/BBDO/London Creatives: Ian Heathfield, Matt Doman Agency Producer: Yvonne Chalkley Director: Daniel Kleinman/Kleinman Productions Producer: Johnnie Frankel Editor: Steve Gandolfi/Cut and Run VFX: Framestore CFC

Smirnoff "Love"

This somber tale of a husband/wife rift brings an interactive twist to Smirnoff's distillation-driven oeuvre. Directed by Fredrik Bond, it leaves the filtering up to the audience, who can click on their Sky TV remote to triple-distill the story into very different outcomes.

Agency: JWT/London ECD: Nick Bell CW: Richard Baynham AD: Ian Gabaldoni Agency Producer: Clare Donald Director: Fredrik Bond/MJZ Editor: Tim Thornton Allan/Marshall Street Editors Post Production: The Moving Picture Co., London Audio Post: Wave

Sony "Balls"

Fallon's daring idea, Nicolai Fuglsig's gorgeous in-camera execution as well as the hypnotic folk accompaniment converge in a brave effort to win an audience with soul over shine.

Agency: Fallon/London Creative: Juan Cabral Director: Nicolai Fuglsig/MJZ DP: Joaquin Baca-Asay, Jim Frohna Producer: Nicky Barnes, Nell Jordan Editor: Russell Icke/Whitehouse VFX: The Mill/London Sound Design: Wave Composer: The Knife Song: "Heartbeat" Arranger: Jose Gonzalez Recording Studio: Wave

Stella Artois "Bench"

A refreshing slant to the brew's award-winning string of classics, this Frank Budgen-directed entry transports Stella to a surreal, Bunuel-inspired world, ending with the appropriately twisted tag: "Reassuringly Elephant."

Agency: Lowe/London Creative: George Prest, Johnny Leathers Agency Producer: Jane Rattle Director/DP: Frank Budgen/Gorgeous Producer: Flora Fernandez-Marengo Editor: Angus Wall, J.D. Smyth/Rock Paper Scissors Post Production: Alterations Services Music: Clara Rockmore Composer: Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky Audio Post: 750 MPH Audio Mixer: Andy Humphreys Post Producer: Tom Sparks

Stella Artois "Skating Priests"

A legacy of spectacular ads shows that no sacrifice is too large and no morals steadfast when it comes to Stella. This latest contribution from Jonathan Glazer continues that fine tradition, featuring the antics of ice skating priests and their attempts to disguise their Stella-hoarding antics from their clergyman superiors.

Agency: Lowe/London Creative: Vince Squibb Agency Producer: Sarah Hallatt Director: Jonathan Glazer/Academy DP: Daniel Landin Producer: Simon Cooper Editor: Paul Watts Post Production: The Moving Picture Company; The Quarry Music: Peter Raeburn; Johnnie Burn Music Cos: Soundtree; Wave

Viagra "Blue Pill"

Adverts in the sexual dysfunction drug category have been notoriously flaccid, but these spots take the pressure off the soft subject, via the ingenius device of using the little blue pill to bleep out newly libidinized lovers' x-rated morning after recaps.

Agency: Taxi/Toronto ECD: Zak Mroueh CD: Lance Martin CW: Irfan Khan AD: Ron Smrczek Agency Producer: Jennifer Mete Director: Joachim Back/Partners Film DP: Joaquin Baca-Asay Editor: Mick Griffin/Flashcut Editing, Toronto Music Co.: The Eggplant

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