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First Runner Up: Hungry Man

2004's recipient of the coveted Cannes Palm d'Or, Hungry Man remained in impeccable comedic form, with perhaps the best executed, most solidly entertaining body of work of all the other contenders. High marks go to its entire bench, with a generous handful of extra special moments from Jim Jenkins, who brilliantly stole the show with TBS's "Very Funny" branding campaign and Bryan Buckley, who continued his big name work on Orange and Amex, among others. Other highlights include Bennet Miller's zany Cingular "Inconsiderate Cell-Phone Man," as well as a series of hilarious spots via newcomer Brendan Gibbons.

Second Runner Up: MJZ

After topping the charts for two years in a row, MJZ remains a leading contender, which isn't hard to do if you're home to what could easily be the Iron Chefs of the commercials business.

Notable moments came from Rocky Morton, who turned out our campaign of the year, BK's "Subservient Chicken"; Kuntz and Maguire, who brought a cappella touches and Chrismahanukwanzakah to Virgin Mobile, and Craig Gillespie, who rocked on comedically with Wrigley's and Washington Mutual. MJZ recently added more weight with Phil Joanou, who moved from Villains and helped to mastermind U2's hyper-hyped impromptu roving concert in New York.

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