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Adidas "Made to Perfection"

An excellent execution that situates the brand in the company of kings-basketball kings, that is, placed on this earth and carved out to perfection by noneother than the maker himself.

Agency: 180/TBWA San Francisco ECD: Chuck McBride ACD/CWs: Scott Duchon, John Patroulis ACD/AD: Geoff Edwards Agency Producer: Jennifer Golub Director: Rupert Sanders/Omaha DP: Jess Hall EP: Eric Stern Editor: Neil Smith/Whitehouse, VFX: Method VFX Producer: Paul Hahn VFX Supervisor: Cedric Nicolas Post Producer: Monika Prince Model Maker: Stan Winston

Ameriquest "Surprise Dinner"

Oops, it looks like I slaughtered your kitty, is the premise of this Emmy-winning number, part of a campaign that hilariously illustrates the mortage company's promise, "Don't Judge Too Quickly, We Won't."

Agency: DDB/Los Angeles ECD: Mark Monteiro CD: Helene Cote Sr. CW: Pat McKay Sr. AD: Feh Tarty Sr. Agency Producer: Vanessa MacAdam Director: Craig Gillespie/MJZ/Los Angeles DP: Rodrigo Prieto EPs: David Zander, Lisa Rich Producer: Deb Tietjen Editor: Haines Hall/Spot Welders/Venice Sound Designer: Tom Ozanich Music Co: Soundelux DMG Composer: Mikael Sandgren

Brawny "Happy Birthday"

We love today's Brawny man, especially the confection-licking, puppy-nuzzling over the top beefcake that he is in this spot, a creative wakeup call in an overwhelmingly soggy category.

Agency: Fallon/New York ECD: Ari Merkin CW: Marty Senn Art Director: Molly Sheahan Agency Producer: Betsy Schoenfeld Director: Happy/Smuggler Editorial Editor: Maury Loeb/P.S. 260 Music/Sound: Q Department - New York

Burger King "Fantasy Ranch"

An unlikely posse of Hootie and the Blowfish's Darius Rucker, Brooke Burke, the Subservient Chicken, the King and a pair of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders come together in this bizarre universe conceived by Crispin and director David La Chapelle. Also featuring an equally outrageous entendre-rife jingle-yes, jingle-the spot seductively tickles the tummy while sending twitches to regions below. Just the right kind of brazen anti-formula one might need to captivate the media-jaded chicken-chowing audience.

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami ECD: Alex Bogusky CD: Andrew Keller Associate CD: Rob Reilly CWs: Evan Fry, Brian Tierney ADs: John Parker, Ben James Agency EPs: Dave Rolfe, Rupert Samuel Executive Music Producer: Bill Meadows Director: David LaChapelle/HSI DP: Pierre Rouger EPs: Stavros Merjos, Ellen Jacobson Editor: Chan Hatcher/Cosmo Street Post: Riot, Santa Monica Music Co.: Beacon Street Studios

Heineken "Disturbance"

In a dark back alley, a case of Heineken forebodingly falls from a busboy's grasp and guys around the globe can't perform in the most crucial of moments.

Agency: Publicis/New York CDs: Ted Royer, Ken Ratcliffe Director of Broadcast: Sally-Ann Dale Director: Dante Ariola/MJZ Editor: Andrea MacArthur/ Cosmo Street VFX: The Mill, New York Music/Sound: Stimmung Sound Designer: Gus Koven Composer: Jason Johnson

Nike "Be"

Deftly teasing out the intersecting lines of culture, fashion and sports from an oblique angle, Wieden + Kennedy/N.Y masterminded this Paul Hunter-shot video for rap star Common's tune "Be," which aired as content on various music channels with no media buy.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/N.Y. CDs: Todd Waterbury, Kevin Proudfoot CW: Andy Ferguson AD: Jesse Coulter Director of Broadcast: Temma Shoaf Agency EP: Gary Krieg Director: Paul Hunter/HSI DP: Jim Fealy Producer: Temma Shoaf Editor: Dereck Jannierre/Ethereal Madness Online Editor: Mark Tyler On-Line: Home NYC, New York Project Manager: Yann Samuels

Nike "Masks"

It's the familiar theme of athletes in their rituals of pre-game prep, but with a riveting twist of metaphorical mask-themed artistry from visual maestro Tarsem, assisted by Robert Duffy's deft cuts and an aggressive orchestral track from Cop Shoot Cop.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/Portland CWs:Mike Byrne, Hal Curtis CW: Mark Fitzloff AD: Storm Tharp Agency Producer: Jeff Selis Director: Tarsem/ Editor: Robert Duffy/Spot Welders Song: "Migration" Artist: Cop Shoot Cop Music Co.: Agoraphone

Target "Design for All"

A catchy tune and predictably superb graphics choreography culminate in this feel good spot celebrating and promoting Target's successful democratic design ethic, which elegantly unfolds further on the superstore's subsite.

Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks, Minneapolis CD: Dave Peterson CW: Jennifer Shears AD: Georges Krivobok Agency Producer: Aldo Hertz Director: Matthew Badger/Epoch Films DP: Tim Ives Production Designer: Kristen Vallow Producer: Laurie Boccaccio Editor: Brett Astor/Fischer Edit, Minneapolis VFX: Pixel Farm

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