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Brawny "Innocent Escapes"

Women everywhere have swooned over this firmly tongue-in-cheek campaign from Fallon-or fallen over laughing. Starring the ridiculously accommodating Brawny Man, the campaign includes TV spots like "Happy Birthday" and the "Innocent Escapes" site, which features a series of choose-your-own videos starring another rugged Brawny man who goes to great lengths to fulfill your every feminine need.

Client: Brawny Agency: Fallon, New York ECD: Ari Merkin Interactive CD: Paul Bichler CW: Marty Senn ADs: Molly Sheahan, Kim Haxton (website) Directors: Happy/Smuggler ("Happy Birthday"), Zach Math/Omaha Pictures (website) Editors: Maury Loeb/P.S. 260, New York, Geoff Hounsell/Lost Planet Editorial (website) Music/Sound Design: Q Department, New York Executive Producer: Eric Stern (website) Producer: Andy McLeod (website) Web Developers: Andy LeMay, Jason Striegel

Cadillac "Under 5"

Five seconds is all Cadillac needs to convince you of the speed and power of its three V-Series vehicles. And the American car manufacturer proved it with a series of five-second TV spots that illustrate just how quickly a V-Series can go from 0-60 miles per hour. The centerpiece of the TV campaign was a 60-second spot titled "Barrels," in which one of the cars is shot out of a tunnel like a bullet. All the spots directed viewers to a website with details for a short film competition calling on aspiring filmmakers to submit their own 5-second masterpieces.

Client: Cadillac Agency: Leo Burnett, Detroit, Leo Burnett, Chicago, Arc Worldwide, Chicago (website) Design: Method Studios, Los Angeles ECD: Mark Tutssel CDs: Daniel Hennessey, Bertrand Garbassi CWs: Jeff Cruz, John Condon ADs: Brad Mancuso, Per Jacobson Director: Peter Thwaites/Gorgeous Enterprises/Anonymous Content DP: Stuart Graham Producer: Jack Nelson Agency Producers: Jack Nelson, Jon Van Osdol Editors: Neil Smith/White House, London, Matthew Wood/White House, Chicago Sound Designers: Owen Griffiths/Jungle Studios, Airstream Audio SFX: Absolute Post, London Lead Interactive Designer: Amanda Rutheny Rich Media CD: Steve Slivka Senior Rich Media Producer: Pat Berry Flash Developer: Mike Javor

Nike "iD"

Now you don't have to be a superstar athlete to have your own shoe. Freedom of expression stands at the heart of Nike's iD campaign, which played out through a series of TV spots and print ads by Wieden + Kennedy and a website by R/GA.

Client: Nike Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland CDs: Hal Curtis, Mike Byrne CWs: Mike Byrne, Alberto Ponte AD: Sorenne Gottlieb Agency Producer: Jeff Selis Directors: Malcolm Venville/Anonymous Content, Culver City ("Style," "Orange and Green"), Michael Apted/Independent Media ("Customize") Production Designer: Brock Houghton Executive Producers: Dave Morrison ("Style," "Orange and Green"), Susanne Preissler ("Customize") Post Production Supervisor: Michelle Maples Editors: Angus Wall ("Style," "Orange and Green"), Sam Selis ("Customize") Music Company: The Rumor Mill Composer: J. Ralph

Pepsi One "Oneify"

Global unity-through a soda brand? Not as crazy as it sounds, as proven by "Oneify," the street-level campaign by TBWA aimed at revitalizing the Pepsi One brand. Pepsi dumped the glitzy celebrity-driven TV spots of past soda campaigns in favor of an approach that tapped into the street culture of today's trend-setting youth with a series of outdoor ads, animated webisodes, downloads and social events-all starring an eclectic array of Geoff McFetridge-designed characters.

Client: Pepsi Agencies: TBWAChiatDay, Los Angeles, Tequila, Los Angeles (website) CD: Duncan Milner CD/CW: Eric Grunbaum AD: Scott Trattner Artist: Geoff McFetridge Production Company: Champion Don't Stop Music: Mo-phonics Composer: Stephan Altman Agency Producer: Sybil Hadfield Technical Lead: John Byrne Interactive Production: David Cotelessa Interactive CD: Nathan Hackstock Flash Programmer: Dzuy Linh Interactive AD: Paul Nguyen Interactive CW: Jason Rappaport Interactive Production & Integration: Todd Resudek Interactive Designers: Dean Sagurous, Joe Schwab Interactive Senior Producer: Kristen Seastrom Interactive Executive Producer: Robbie Whiting

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