Advertising Age's Media Family Trees

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media is concentrated among the few.

Aggregate net revenue of the 100 Leading Media Companies is $195.12 billion. The top 23 shown by family tree on these pages represent 82% ($159.33 billion) of that total.

The Top 100 virtually control the market for national and local advertising.

These 23 companies are highly interconnected as the dotted lines attest, abetted in part by an "outside" investor, Liberty Media Corp., spun off of AT&T Broadband two years ago.

Just a content provider and investor at this point, Liberty Media holds interest in seven Top 100 media companies and will enter their ranks this year when its buyout of No. 100 Court TV is expected to be finalized.


Colored boxes indicate the media each company owns and highlight the top property of each type. Of the 33 media companies (green) in these family trees, the dotted lines show 10 to be partly owned. Source: Companies, public documents, BIA Financial Network for TV and radio, PIB/TNS Media Intelligence/CMR for magazines, and Kagan World Media for cable networks. Dollar figures are net or gross unless otherwise stated. Newspaper circulation is daily.

(see publication for actual chart/trees)

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